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Is watermelon good to eat for diabetics, and how much is enough?

avoid it or have a little

Watermelon is extremely high in natural sugar, and has a high glycemic peak. My nutritionist recommened that i eat the other melons, instead. The best way to find out how it affects you personally is this: Test your bood glucose level 2 hours after a meal then eat about 1/2 cup of watermelon, then test for blood glucose again one hour after you take the first bite. If your level is up more than 50 points (by USA measurements) it is not a good thing for you to eat.

A cup of fresh strawberries is a much better summertime treat for diabetics.

Not that I know why...but my toddler who has D eats watermelon like its going extinct and it basically has no effect on his sugar! We don't let him gorge although he would like to. I think its because of the high amounts of water in the watermelon! He can have more Watermelon than any other fruit and his sugar does stay normal! It also fills him up when he is hungry or craving something and can't have something else that has all those carbs!

cheryl v
watermelon is ok to eat even though it is high in carbs it is mostly water and does not stay in you system long enough to inpact you sugar that much but like anything else you dont want to over do it,a cup at the time maybe,Im diabetic and I eat it

kelly a
watermelon is very bad for u and will push your sugars up enormously. if u have to eat it which i do and i am a diabetic one peice a day should suffice u or u will be taking more than whats required for your insulin... i hope this helps.

no watermelon is not full of sugars or carbs it is the best fruit that i diabetic can eat if you notice if you eat an orange the juice is sticky well thats because of its high sugar content watermelon juice is not sticky there is not very much sugar or carbs in watermelon i dont know where everybody else gets there info but i take a yearly diabetic healthy eating class

You have a good answer above. Watermelon is almost pure sugar. Ask your doctor for a list of foods that are low on the glycemic index and a suggestion of how much you can eat of various foods and fruits. That should put you in better charge of your diet. You could also go to the american diabetes website...just search for diabetes.org don't search for any sites that end with .com they are commercial sites. Look for sites that are .org they are organizations.

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