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 Out of Control DIabetes! Help?
I've had type 1 diabetes for 9 years , ive never had a handle on it, when i hit my teens i did'nt care , the way i saw it i would die anyways, im 16 now and my adolescent ignorance has wore ...

 What is better for your health: sugar or salt?
now i know sugar can like give you diabetes or something and salt is bad for you too. but if you were to take exessive amounts of one of them. which would be better to take? lots and lots of sugar? ...

 Are all Diabetics Thin?
Are all Diabetic people thin after they are diagnosed with Diabetes? Or does it depend on the type of Diabetes they have? (type 1, 2, etc)...

 Diabetie symptoms?
Before being tested, what are some red flags?...

 New to Insulin Injections...What happened?
I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I've been doing insulin injections 4 times a day for the last week due to gestational diabetes. This morning on one of my injections, there was a bit of blood in ...

 Is fasing blood sugar levels between 120 to 130 in danger zone?

 Can a diabetic ever get back his normal sugar level without medical help?

 Are there any physical signs of diabetes?

 Why is it that so many people with diabetes get carpal tunnel and also have feet issues?
Is it due to poor circulation?...

 Blood sugar just dropped to 31??
I started insulin injections yesterday morning, I take 20 unitsof Novolin N and 10 units of Novolin R. I have been eating exactly according to the meal plan the Diabetes educator gave me, and I had a ...

 Can you please answer?
okay i have been drinking a lot i mean a lot of water latley! im scared i might have diabetes!!! in janurary i was feeling really weird and not well. my mom took me to the hospital and they took a ...

 Type 2 diabetes diet??
My brother just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and he is on medication for both. nobody in out immediate family has had any of this before so hes the first one ...

 Does Joe Jonas Have a Disability?
I Want to know please....

 Can Diabetes be beat, if so? How?
Your knowledge will be very appreciate. I am really scared b/c
I think I have developed this illness. Lately, I have been peeing a lot, dry mouth, and feel numbness at the bottom part of my ...

 Can u cure diabetes?

 Diabetes? Drinking a gallon of water a day, high cholesterol, recent fatigue, sugar cravings...?
I have been just completely exhausted for the past month, and drinking about a gallon of water a day. I have been craving sugar-y foods, I have high cholesterol and high triglycerides, excellent ...

 If its not diabetes what can it be?
These are my symptoms
Really thirsty
Going to the toilet a lot (especially at night)
Pins and needles in arms and legs
Really tired, find it hard to concentrate
Lost about 4 ...

 My mom is having gastric bypass surgery today...?
She left early this morning and i never relized how serious it was but she keeps acting like shes gonna die through the surgery how risky is it and deadly or is kinda safe cause i cant aford to loose ...

 Can you voodoo me into giving up sugar? I'm a diabetic but still take chocolate, cakes cookies, soda everyday
I'm heading for destruction and I can't stop!!!! I had tried sugar substitute but they are aritificial and taste not as good. Sugar is my best friend!!...

 What is an insulin pen?

dicarlos m
Is there some kind of secret cure for diabetes that doctors wont tell you?

I don't want to call it a miracle cure, even though I consider it one. I just received the mind blowing news that my fiance who had diabetes does not have to have any insulin or pills for diabetes any longer, and in addition to that, the other news were that his hypertension is down, his cholesterol is down, a open sore in his ankle that wouldn't heal for 2 years has finally healed(only a scar is still visible), along with other pleasant benefits for his health. And best of all, the results were achieved within 2 months!!!!!
It's not a miracle cure, but taking glyconutrients and living a healthy life again certainly beats taking all that insulin and other meds, and it most certainly beats having to make all those co-payments for insurance, doctor, and medication. He calculated it that in the long run it was cheaper to take the stuff than to make all those medical payments which still did not get him back to health!!
The stuff is called Advanced Ambrotose Complex and you can get it at the following website:

melody r
I wish there were a secret cure for diabetes but there have been significant breakthroughs is treatments. Pancreatic islet transplants have shown great promise with some of the recipients not needing to take insulin for as long as 5 to 10 years. Maybe someday this could be a cure for diabetes.

No dear, there is no secret. mind it treatment of dibabetes has only 3D-------
hope clear. thanks

Oso morado
There is no secret cure for diabetes. If a doctor really had a cure for diabetes, he wouldn't keep it a secret since knowing the cure would make him a rich man.

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. They still haven't found out a cure for it. All available medicines in the market will help you lower your blood sugar not to cure diabetes. There is an on-going study though for stem cell implant to regenerate your pancreas, which gets destroyed when you are a diabetic.

princess ty

Angelina N
Diet and exercise, will control it, slow down progression and maybe even prevent it.

There's no cure for Diabetes however there's a lot of scams online that they make the claim that they can cure Diabetes but they can not cure Diabetes.

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