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Gabriel M
Is there over the counter meds for lowering blood sugar?

Gabriel M !
There are many like Metformin. But better consult your Endicrionologist and then have some medicines.
For more details

trooper J
there are lots of meds for diabetes that can be bought over the counter. but you will have to check first with your doctor so that you will be getting the right medication. every medicine has its own effect on the body. some lower the blood sugar, some meds would inhibit the body from absorbing the sugar from your meal...

here are examples of diabetes meds: metformin HCl and Voglibose (generic names of drugs)

you could try things from home like blueberries,cinnamon,fish oil.eating better.go to the druggist ask i do think there is a diabetic supplements ask your doc first.you could take blood sugar to low.

Sincere Riley
There are no "over the counter" medications that I know of to lower blood sugar. But it is possible to control blood sugar with diet.

sure its called ALCOHOL.

alcohol can dramatically lower your blood sugar instantly. But if you are diabetic, it can lower you into the "danger"zone..(we had that issue this weekend!)

Now if you are not talking about an "instant fix" then the answer is no

except the Produce section of the grocery store along with the exercise equipment at the store.
All medications are perscription only.

There are no OTC meds to control diabetes or lower sugars.You must see a doctor.

It's peachy to eat properly but many people [ all 1 and some T2 ] MUST have medication.

There are none that are over the counter. They all require a prescription from your doctor. Metformin and the others all require prescriptions. And if you have been told about something that is herbal that treats or cures diabetes, forget about it...they do not exist. Many of us have tried them and they don't work. Watch your diet, especially your sugar and carbs, and get some good daily exercise. Maybe you can be one of the ones that can control your disease (if you are type 2) with diet. It worked for me for awhile.

Mr. Peachy®
There are no over the counter anythings that are nearly as effective as daily exercise and a healthy natural foods diet. Those, in combination, are so effective at lowering blood sugar, that I no longer take any medication for my diabetes. See my profile for more info on a complete program.

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