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 Does anyone know why i have a swollen red &veiny left foot but right foot is not as painful or as red.?
could a nerve at the lower back or hip cause this. i do not have sciatica now but 1year ago i did suffer a bad case of lower back & sciatica on the left side,that was the start of my left foot ...

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 Any ever had a severe insulin reaction? Blackout?
I found myself in my nightgown at 2am, no shoes, no purse, no glasses, being stopped for OUI.. No memory between 1 drink hours before and seeing the blue lights...... I had gone to bed 2 or 3 hours ...

 My husband has diabetes n has a blister between his toe n i cant take him to a doc. cuz we dont have insurance

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 Where can I buy 100 percent acetone?

 Can diabetes affect your mind? Cause depressed thoughts and all?

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I have had some heavy issues going on that started around the time that I had some sugar issues, or I think Idid, and hormone issues, but no one has ever done a ...

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 OMGOSH! i have been waiting for a month to switch to the pump thinking my next appt was in like a week, but no
its in 2 months!!!!!!!!! i cant wait any longer! im on the cancelation list and im fed up with my leaking novo nordisk insulin pen!!!! AGH. NE ONE have an idea on how to get a closer appointment!! i ...

 Are you a nurse who answers here regularly?
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 Understanding blood sugar text results, am I low?
Hey everyone,

My brother is a diabetic and he got a new testing kit so he gave me his old one (and about 10 test strips)
I've been testing my blood (Really whats the harm!) and I ...

 What are some symptoms of hypoglicemia(low blood sugar)?

 Hi Every Body Iam 145 total points and still in level 1 How can get level 2?

 Found out I have diabetes...but I have no insurance...where do I get care?
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 List of diabetic doctors in chennai with clinic address?

 How to keep sugar level down?
I know what not to eat tell what I can eat, if I eat the level goes up if I don't eat it still goes up I am 5'1 weight 123, 60 years young take insulin 3 times a day....

 Is insulin sold over the counter i.e. without prescription in the US?

 I think I have type one diabetes.?
I have hinted to my mother to take me to the doctor or to find out whats wrong with me. My family went to Ohio for nine days and I stayed home. They have been back for a while now, but in the past ...

Is there any sugar-free toothpaste for sensitive teeth for diabetics?
Please include links or info about the brand, where I may purchase the toothpaste, etc... Thank you.
Additional Details
Please don't include sensodyne in your response. I've tried that toothpaste, and while it's good for sensitive teeth it is packed with sugar and does increase blood sugar levels.

blah blah
I'm type 1 diabetic, I've never used a sugar free toothpaste, and I've never actually heard of that. Do you really think that the little amount of toothpaste you use on your toothbrush is going to affect your blood sugar??
I mean you don't even swallow your toothpaste when you think about it.
If your that preoccupied, I'm sure that you can ask your pharmacist if they have anything to recommend you. Or even talk about this to your dentist.
Hope this helps!!

thirsty mind
There are many available. Go to your local heath food store or on line @ www.swansonsvitamins.com

I agree with Cammie, you shouldn't worry about the amount of sugar that's absorbed in your mouth when you wash your teeth, it's tiny.

The pea sized bit of toothpaste you use on a toothbrush, shouldn't effect your blood sugar.

sensodyne is available in any drug store

amy y
Did you ask your pharmasist?I think something like that takes a precripition?I'm deeply soory about his diabetes I have type 2 and it's hard, a friend of mine has type 1 with an insuline pump it a very difficult illness, I myself struggle everyday. also ask your dentist if you already didn't,

Venkatesh V
I would suggest u the neem sticks instead of the paste. u will have to bite (like a cow) and brush, it may seem odd but the results are good.
use powdered (pinch of) salt, and brush with ur index finger slowly and massaging the gums.

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