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swathi t
Is there any problem if the insulin is not stored in the refrigirator?
As i am staying in the hostel it is difficult to keep my insulin in the refrigirator.
Additional Details
Is there any substitute for refrigirator to store my insulin?


Insulin can be kept in room temperature and it will last for 90 days.

In the refrigerator, it should last for about 30 days. If ur insulin becomes discolored, throw it out. Only Regular insulin is clear. Others have a cloudy or milky appearance.

potency is at stake. You may use coleman or other portable cooling containers with ice in it.

Doctor B
Yes, there is a problem if the hormone insulin is not kept in the refrigerator. It loses potency due to degradation.
Keep it surrounded with ice inside a thermal bottle, or drinking glass, or similar container.

yes, you can't keep insulin out of the fridge for more than few hours otherwise it's useless to take it, my advice, try to put it in some ice and keep it cold constantly till you reach a place with a decent available storage ( fridge), this way it'll be ok, but make sure there is always ice around it :)

Buzz s
It loses its activity if left out. This is a big concern and one that needs to be dealt with by keeping it on ice or in a cooler.

john n
While refrigeration is recommended, Insulin can be kept at room temperature without negative effect. I have the option of storing my insulin in the fridge and choose not to because I don't like the feeling of injecting cold liquid.

I was told by my doctor that keeping insulin out of refridgeration does cause it to lose some of it's potency, but very little. Room temperature insulin will last for about a month, whereas refridgerated insulin with last about 90days - 2 months. I personally keep my insulin at room temperature and I've never noticed any difference.

Doris D
some insulin can stay out of a fridge for a little while but dont keep it out for too long the potency of the insulin will go bad if you have a problem keeping it cool put it in a cooler with some ice to keep it cool

I am a type one diabetic, and have been taking insulin for 5 years. Do Not put insulin on ice. Insulin has a shelf life of one month if kept outside of a refrigerator. Do not let the insulin reach high temperatures. I would store it in a cool, dark place where the vial will not be broken (it stinks to high heaven if it is). I use an insulin pump, and the insulin in the pump stays at ambient temperature for up to 9 or 10 days with no ill effects or decreases in effectiveness. Enjoy your vacation.

Here's a great idea...read that information that comes with your insulin!!! I can't believe how many people do not have a clue on this. I'm not familiar with all insulins and the amount of time they can spend out of the refriderater I do know that in Novolog, Humalog, Lantus, R, L, U, Humilin mixes can be kept out of refrigeration at ROOM TEMPERATURE, described at being between 59-86 F, for 4 weeks. Keep your unopened vials and pens in the fridge and will keep usually until the expiration on the box. Those that are opened can be carried with you as long as they're kept at ROOM TEMPERATURE. That means don't leave it in your car or areas that the temperatures reach higher or lower than room temperature. Short periods in temperatures higher than room temperature that do not give the insulin time to change, are not going to affect it. If you're unsure get a cooling pack to keep your supplies in. You can get them at any pharmacy. There's also one called Frio that works with water evaporation to keep insulin or other medications cool. Go to Frio.com for more information. Take the information out of the package and read it to not only find out how to store it but also how to inspect it for signs that it's gone bad.

Good insulin care begins with how the insulin is stored. Insulin does not work well when it's kept for too long or is exposed to extreme temperatures. If you buy several bottles of insulin at once, keep the unopened ones in your refrigerator. (Don't put them in the freezer. Insulin clumps at temperatures below 36ºF.) Before you open a new bottle, check the date printed on it. If it's past that date, don't use it -- it's too old.

If your child uses up a whole bottle of insulin in a month or less, keep the bottle you're currently using at room temperature. It will stay fresh for up to a month without refrigeration, as long as its temperature stays under 86ºF. If you would rather keep all insulin in the refrigerator, warm up the insulin before injecting it. Cold insulin can make the shot uncomfortable. To warm it, draw up the right amount into the syringe, and then roll the syringe gently between your hands until it feels warm. Opened bottles of insulin will keep unrefrigerated for up to one month.

When in doubt, always follow the insulin's manufacturer's storage instructions.

Always check the insulin before you use it. Rapid- and short-acting insulin and glargine should look clear. There should be no cloudiness, little bits floating in the liquid, or change in color. Intermediate-acting insulin and ultralente should look cloudy, but you should not see any large clumps floating around. If you see any of these signs, throw the bottle away.

You can keep insulin out of the fridge for quite a while, i think it's like a month. I know at the hospital we don't refrigerate insulin at all because it stays good and we go through a vial so quickly. Patients are just told to keep insulin in the fridge at home because they wouldn't go through the whole vial before it would go bad if it was kept at room temperature. but if you keep it out of the fridge, i would definitely visit your pharmacy when you get back and ask the pharmacist about it.

OK, if insulin had to be stored in the fridge at all times then how do people walk around with insulin pumps without a portable fridge connected to them? When I start a new bottle of insulin I leave it at room temperature as I use it. I have never had a problem with it losing it's potency. You should be fine as long as you aren't storing it in extreme heat or cold.

Calvin of China, PhD
Since my father must have insulin; I can answer the question from experience. Since a study was done at the medical university where I teach, the answer will be factual.

Insulin needs to be kept below 18 c, or it will go through a chemical change, it will be the same change that is prevalent when it is injected into the body. Since insulin does not have a brain, it will make a chemical change at and above room temperature.

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