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Is there any bread on the market that has NO sugar in it?
being a diabetic i cant have no suger at all and find it very hard to cope at times when i go out i have to check everything i eatand people think i am very picky but not being able to have a bacon sandwich is the worst torrments

marie a
I don't believe there is any bread totally made without some sugar but I eat whole wheat because it has the least carbs of any bread I've found.

maybe get a bread maker and have ago at making some yourself. Just think, fresh crusty warm bread vs supermarket "plastic" additive-rich bread.

I know which I would rather have.

Unfortunately I can't have either as I have a gluten intolerance :(
Lucky you can have some!

Yes there are many kind of breads without sugar

I'm a diabetic too. You can eat regular bread, just try to find one with whole grains, and NO white flour added to it. "Weight Watchers" bread is pretty low in carbs. I can buy it at my local supermarket. I stick to the whole wheat and the multi-grain versions. The white has more carbs and less fibre.

As for bread without sugar, sour dough bread can be made without sugar, but you still need to check the label to be sure.

For a bacon sandwich, try looking for a bacon substitute with no carbs or very low carbs. There's one here called "Better than Bacon" and it has only 1 carb per slice, or something like that. Its also very very lean, so its a very good choice for diabetics.

So you see, you CAN have bread and you CAN have a bacon sandwich.

By the way, we make our own bread daily, in our bread machine. Its multi-grain. I used to do it by hand, but its a lot less work with the bread machine.

Just limit how many carbs you eat, you don't have to eliminate them entirely.

Well I'm not sure about sugar-free bread, but why can't you have regular bread? I've been diabetic (Type 1, ID) for nineteen years and have never worried about sugar in bread.

As a diabetic, you can have some sugar - everybody needs some sugar - you just need to be more careful about how much you eat compared with everyone else. It also depends on whether you are insulin, diet or tablet controlled. For instance, the type of insulin I use means I can eat anything I want providing I take an appropriate dose of insulin calculated from the amount of carbohydrates I've eaten.

I recommend you talk to your doctor or dietician who can provide you with the best advice suited to your condition.

A yeast bread won't raise unless there is sugar for the yeast to feed on.
We don not count sugar and yes we can have sugar.
The gold standard of care is carb counting.
You should see am endocrinologist and a dietitian to help you with your diet.
BTW- Bacon has 0 carbs.

I'm diabetic too!
You don't have to give up sugar completely!

You are type1 you are on insulin and your doctor or diabetic nurse will have sorted out your insulin needs.

You are type 2 (as I am) and are on tablets for diabetes, you just need to stick to the diet sheets you were given.

You are controlling diabetes by diet alone

That doesn't prohibit bread!.
Go on enjoy your bacon sandwiches!
I fancy one myself now!

Look at this wonderfully helpful site

Go for the foods with a low or at most a medium GI.
It is easy to follow

I don't know about shop bread ,but home made bread only has about a tablespoonful of sugar in a loaf to activate the yeast.

Have a look at this as well.

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