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 How do you get strips for testing blood glucose, to control diabetes?

 Can Diabetics donate organs?
I know they can't donate blood, but can they donate their organs?...

 4 pounds a week?
i need to loose 3-4 pounds a week
im 144 pounds and 5 ft 3 1/2
i extersize for 30 minutes a night
then do 100 crutches
i know its unhealthy but
last month i was almost ...

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 Concieving with diabetes?
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 Diabetic coma?
I know when ones sugar levels drop to 2.4 or 3 one goes into a diabetic coma.... The 'normal' is 5 to 7 more or less.
When one goes over to 15 to 30 for example what are the ...

 Question for diabetics...?
what type of diabetes do you have?

at what age were you diagnosed?

are you insulin dependent?

do you use an insulin pump? if so, what brand do you use?


 Has anyone ever had or known someone who had DKA?
My type 1 diabetic daughter was not taking all of her insulin and suddenly got really sick and wound up in the hospital. What are the long term ramifications of having DKA? She is much better now ...

 My blood sugar is to high and i have to wait 2 weeks to go to the doctor what should i do?
what should i do n eat my blood sugar is 115?...

 What does it mean to have terex syndrome? I don't know if I spelled terex correctly.?

 Can a Human being live on pop tarts and water his/her whole life?

 Can diadetes person drink alcohol?

 My diabetic sister is always sleeping....?
my 18 yr. old sis is diabetic and she is not on any medication (expect for insulin injections). For this whole past year she has only been sleeping. she sleeps SO MUCH during the day and sleeps the ...

 Can allergy medication interfer with insulin effectiveness?
I take a prescription for allergies everyday and my sugar levels as a diabetic seem to be elevating? Could it be the allergy medication doing this?...

 Can I donate blood?
I had a blood transfusion in 1993...

 Can I get a diagnosise myself by simply measuring my own blood sugar several times a day?
If its normal on mult readings fasting and non??...

 What are the side effectsof metformin?
I am taking the medication metformin. what are the side ...

 If aspartame is so bad, then we does virtually every brand of sugar free gum contain it?
What gum has no sugar and no aspartame in it? I like chewing gum, but I am scared of what might happen to me?...

 I have type 2 diabetes and my teeths are falling out Why/?
I have type 2 diabetes and my teeth are falling out why?...

Is there a special kind of soap that diabetics are supposed to use?
I have been a type 2 diabetic for 6yrs now and I am still learning about the disease. But I am wondering if we diabetics are supposed to use a certain kind of body soap. My skin has been so itchy even though I use lotion.

I've never heard of having to use a special soap, but I have heard that Diabetics need to take extra special care of their feet.

I have never seen diabetic soap before. Maybe you just need a different kind of lotion.

Nothing to do with diabetes. If your lotion has alcohol in it your skin is cracking and little bits of infection is getting in there and causing the itching. Alcohol is a drier. Use oil lotion instead. I'm diabetic too.

For dried out cracking feet use lot of vaseline and put booties on. You won't believe how great your feet look in the morning.

well i'm a type 1 diabetic and have never heard anything about using any kind of spical soap, it doens't matter what you use to clean ur skin just make sure when u get out of the shower that u compleatly dry your feet, and in between your toes.

There is no special soap for diabetics.Itching after lotion may be allergy.

No, there is no specific soap that is recommended for diabetics. Try using a soap that is more moisturizing. Alot of soaps and body washes will remove oil from your skin. Try Dove or something like that. And consider trying one of those in-shower body lotions. I have tried those and they are great for dry skin.

Dry skin is an issue of diabetes. If your condition doesn't improve with changing your soap brand, talk to your doctor. You may need to see a dermatologist for specialized treatment.

Good luck and best wishes...

i went to a diabetes class a few weeks ago and the wound care specialist that taught our class says the best kind of soaps you can use are the ones like dove and ivory because they have moisterizers in them to keep you skin moisterized and not to use the ones that are deorderant soaps cause they dry ur skin out

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