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Is rice bad for diabetics?

Karrien Sim Peters
I think she is bad for any one! I think we need a new one on this North Korea thing!

Well, eat it in moderation. My brother loves rice, eats it almost everyday. It has a lot of carbs, but you might not realize it. Eat it for lunch at least once or twice a week if you have diabetes. I don't know for sure if it IS bad for diabetics

has no name
yes of course

ask a doctor. you think half of the people on here know what they are talking about. Most give bad advice anyways

I use "no sugar added and low fat" ice cream.

In the Beginning God created heavens and earth.
God gives you air to breathe and sunshine to enjoy.
God gives you water to drink and food to eat.
God gives you a wonderful body and sound mind, to live.
God loves you, and you are precious to Him.
Son of God died on the Cross to save us from condemnation.
Jesus’ love is boundless and everlasting.
We have the hope of Heaven through Jesus.
Life therefore has fantastic and glorious future!
(Digestion of above can even prevent depression and suicide attempt.)

Seeker of Souls
no! rice help those who are diabetics

You can eat a half cup of rice with your meal, however you don't want to have any other high carb foods with the meal. Be sure to have some fiber filled foods (Veggies) with your rice.

Fantasy Protege

No carbohydrate is actually bad for a diabetic unless the appropriate amount of insulin is NOT given to compensate for it.

Every person needs carbohydrates and rice is a good carbohydrate. Uncooked/raw rice has more carbohydrates than cooked rice. Cooked rice has about 30g of carbohydrates for 1 cup of rice.

If you are a type 1 diabetic who eats rice, then you need to count the carbohydrates and give yourself the correct amount of insulin.

If you are a type 2 diabetic than avoiding large servings of rice will help you keep your blood glucose at a normal level without the assistance of insulin.

Its a starch with lots of carbs, but if you eat just a serving and count it (as you should) then it's okay. I'm Type 1 and I just adjust my insulin -I try to stick with brown but most chinese take -outs belive brown rice is what you get when you add soy sauce! I make sure (if i'm eating white rice) i'm eating lots of veggies with it, fat and protein helps too. Basicaly what I do is eat a balanced meal when including rice.

Its high in carbohydrates - make sure you check how much carbs it has per cooked serving.

i dont know but if ur worried just chose the brown rice its healthier

Eating white rice is just as bad as eating white bread for the same reason, they degrade really quickly to glucose (a lot more quickly than whole wheat since that has to be processed for a much longer time), this causes your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly, which as you know is bad for you.

Now as one person said, it's perfectly fine if you do take the correct amount of insulin needed to use the glucose. If you do opt for eating rice, eat brown rice which is not only nutritionally better for you (has many of the B complex vitamins), it also helps your digestion (because of the fibre) and keeps your sugar levels down.

Hope that helped!

rice and pasta are not good to eat, it turns to sugar very fast
try eating more low carbs, wheat bread and pasta, brown rice ..these are low carbs and ok to have once a day for part of a meal...

if you're only eating a little bit of rice and taking insulin or exercising i say it's fine. try brown rice. brown rice is a lot better for diabetics or anyone for that reason. also if you eat vegetables and other healtier foods with it it's ok.

Bobbie Barker
It isn't great but you can have it in limited portions. Make sure you use whole grain brown rice, and add some fresh vegetables. The whole grain and vegetables will add fiber (which lowers the net carbs you absorb).

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