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Is peeing every 2-3 hours diabetes symptom-worthy?
I know excessive urination is a sign of diabetes, but what does "excessive" mean, exactly?

Does it mean every 15 minutes?
Or does it mean every 4 hours?

It seems as though no one, not even any diabetics on this site can explain that to me.

Being the biggest hypochondriac in the world, I find myself having the urge to pee every 2-3 hours... yet, when I do not think about peeing, I go about every 4-6 hours.

Do I have a problem? Can someone please give me a little information about this issue? This is the only diabetes symptoms that I have, and I know what all of them are.

Thanks, guys!

Excessive unrination is not only a symptom of diabetics. It could be anything from high blood pressure to bladder spams, if you have to ask the question, you are concerned enough to go see your doctor.

One give away on if your diabetic or not is when you pee. I once went a day only drinking 5 glasses of water and had to go to the bathroom 12-13 times that day. Before I could go a whole day without pee-ing, but before I was diagnosed I couldn't last an hour without having to go. If you're worried go to the doctor and ask for a ketone test, which tells if your body is using insulin like it should.

I would go to the doctor and they will run the recommended test. They are easy and almost painless. Plus if you stress about it they might have to treat you for high blood pressure too.

before i was diagnosed with diabetes, i would sometimes go to the bathroom every 1/2 hour...sometimes every 15 minutes...and during the night i would go probably around 5 or 6 times

It's very simple to test for diabetes. You can even do it yourself at home.

Get a urine dipstick test - people on the Adkins diet use them, so they are available in pharmacies. You just dip the test strip into your urine and compare it to the colors on the bottle that the strips come in.

If you are not spilling glucose in your urine, you can stop worrying.

Hope that helps.

I am not a doctor but I think it is normal to pee every four hours or so...I too pee more often if I think about it...my boyfriend goes like ever 1 1/2 hours and he is healthy...everyones body is diff. it depends on how much you drink. But I think you are normal

The Good Humor Man
Excessive urination for diabetics can be up to twice an hour. This is especially disrupting when trying to get a sound and solid 8 hours of sleep. You never reach REM and always awaken more tired than when you fell asleep. It is also disrupting to work and play not to mention trying to relax. I hope that this answers your question.

Are you going large volumes frequently? and do u have any friends or relatives with it? find some1 who has a blood glucose monitor and check yourself at random times...morning b4 breakfast should b lower than 110...and within 2 hrs after a meal should have gone back down to around the same...if you notice the readings being above 150 pretty often see a doc

I've been drinking much more water lately as a part of my new eating /drinking plan. Believe me, I've had to pee many more times than I did before. If you're drinking a lot of water, that would cause it.

I don't think it's diabetes. My mother, two aunts, and brother are all diabetic (incidentally, so was my cat). In my brother's case, he couldn't wait longer than twenty minutes. I read somewhere (sorry, I can't find the source) that anything less than two hours is reason to check with your doctor. Of course, if you've always been able to wait eight hours and suddenly it's down to three, you should still get it checked out. It may just be an age thing (muscles weaken as we age), or problems caused by weight gain. However, it may be a urinary tract infection, or some other problem with the excretory system. Keep in mind that "excessive" doesn't just mean frequency, it also means quantity. If the volume of urine you produce has increased noticeably, definitely get it checked out.

The site below provides information about frequent urination.

Get a second opinion and ask Doctor!

my friends with diabetes use www.nutrihand.com

they tell me that their diabetes is doing great all because of www.nutrihand.com

They have a community of support...

Christina H
You probably dont have it.. If you drink lots you are going to pee more.. Dont worry you can always go ask a doctor.. If not try Googling diabetes..

what are you drinking?
How much do you drink a day?
If you drink alot of water and your body doesn't need it then you will be "going" alot.
If you go every 1/2 hr then start worrying...even though I am hypoglycemic (have low blood sugar and to much insalin) I go all the time because I get the "dry mouth" of a diabetic and am constantly drinking water

Buster Van Buren
No. Excessive means every ten-fifteen minutes. But it all depends on how much you drink and what you drink. I pee once every 3-4 hours during the day, but at night I drink a lot of coffee, and find myself peeing every 20 minutes or so. Caffeinated drinks and alchohol cause you to pee a lot.

OK excess urination would be output greater than input. If you drink 250 ml of water every hour then having to void 250 ml every hour is reasonable! Now GFR (Glomular filtration rate is normally 125 ml per minute producing 1 ml of urin for each 125 filtered. A person typically produces 50 ml or more of urine an hour. an output of 1-3 liters a day is considered normal as long as it is within 600 ml of input ( this accounts for insatiable loss) If you have a small bladder and/or you drink a lot of fluid than this output is absolutely normal (dont forget not everyone has huge bladders and a bladder is nothing more than a baloon created by muscle some people have bladders that can hold large amounts(a liter or more) and some are small holding only a few hundred ml at a time before causing discomfort. Now other issues to be considered are risk factors, age, urinary retention (especially if you are a man, pregnancy for women) Infection, andmany other problems. If you feel that your output is excessive then you need to see your doctor.

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