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Tim B
Is it true that when you start insulin you have to be on it 4 ever?
ive been a diabetic since 1999 im type 2 my a1c was 7 dr says i need insulin i,m scared to start on it

No its not true

You come off it when you die

Debbie M
No it's Not True........Don't be scared to start...

i've never heard of anyone who was able to stop taking insulin. it's just a fact of life for some of us. you can't run from it or escape it you just have to deal with it to stay alive

you might need it to start getting your levels stabilized.... after that its possible to take oral meds to maintain good levels, I went from 3 shots a day down to one tablets every morning, diet and exercise are the key to keeping your diabetes in check.... dont be scared.... just do it.... the consequence of untreated diabetes is not something you want to go through

no but if you eat good you don't have to have it alllll the time.

No, it's not true. My mom was on insulin for a while, then lost weight, got her sugar under control and is now back on oral meds. But I am a type 2 on insulin and I have to tell you, it changed my life. Now I have better control, if my blood sugar is up, I take a small dose of fast acting insulin to bring it down, I take long acting in the morning and at dinner. So better control for me and I really don't want to go back to oral meds, even if I could.

Type 1 diabetes: Yes. If you have Type 1 diabetes, you take insulin daily or you die. Period.

Type 2 diabetes: Maybe or maybe not. Many people with Type 2 diabetes can control it through diet, exercise, and oral medication. The key is to make changes *early* in the course of the disease. Many Type 2 diabetes can even control their condition through strict diet and exercise alone. But you have to put in the effort. Although some Type 2 diabetics will need to eventually use insulin to keep thier blood sugars in a safe range at some point, most can avoid that fate if they lose weight, follow their diet, and exercise. These changes need to be done early to tackle their insulin resistance before they "burn out" their beta cells.

Your insulin levels can be tested by your doctor with a c-peptide test. If they are normal or high, there is a good chance that diet, exercise, weight loss, and oral medication is a better choice than insulin. Adding more insulin to excess insulin levels and insulin resistance can lead to weight gain and MORE insulin resistance, which is not what you want.

People who develop Type 2 diabetes from steroids, medications, or hormonal disorders usually need to be on and stay on insulin. If their Type 2 diabetes is due to medication, it MAY "reverse" if the medication can be stopped.

An A1c of 7 is not all that bad. Of course, if you are on 4 different anti-diabetic medications that may interact and your A1c is creeping up, and can see where your doctor is coming from. But the reality is that some doctors like to give out more prescriptions then lifestyle counselling.

Insulin is not something to be afraid of as a Type 2 diabetic *if it is needed*. It helps many. But you need to make sure it is right *for you* before you jump the gun. Your A1c is not dangerously high, and adding insulin to the mix MAY not be the answer here for you.

I wouldn't be scared, but I do think you need to do more research and investigating before you say yes.

People with type 1 diabetes mellitus will have to take insulin always. Their pancreas doesn't make insulin, so they have to have it administered parenterally. People with type 2 diabetes don't necessarily have to take it for the rest of their lives. Their blood sugar levels may be normalized with oral diabetic meds, diet, and exercise. I know some type 2 diabetics that control blood sugars with just diet and exercise. I have also seen some type 2 diabetics on insulin for years. Alot of it depends on how your pancreas is working, and how much insulin it's producing. Also, it depends on how compliant you are with your diet.

I have type 2 for many years now. I have been taking insulin on and off for many years starting before I decided to get pregnancy.That was 18 yrs ago.

Several weeks ago, I just stopped taking insulin.I haven't been to my doctor's yet to tell him but I think i have an appointment in a few weeks.

If my sugar gets too hi, I take some Humalog .I am eating less and not trying to play catch up all the time.
I will most likely have to go back on again but for now, this works for me.

If you are new to diabetes or only a few years in, do not make changes like this on your own.After many years you will be competent to make these types of change.

The bottom line is that you may go on and off insulin at different times in your life.
Good luck

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