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I don't plan on having kids anytime soon but I always wanted to know if my kids will have diabetes cuz I got type 1 diabetes when I was 11 and I wasn't sure if they would have it?

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thank you all for you very good suggestions .
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Is it true that if diabetes runs in the family the son is the most likely to get diabetes?

You can find some good information and home remedies at this website http://ailments.in/diabetes.html


Well not in MY family's case, although both my grandads and my dad had diabetes, my brother doesn't have it and I do.

I think if you have diabetes in your family the likelihood you'll get it male or female is good.

yes it can be hereditary, not to say there won't be an oddball that gets it with no family history.
Though it's not 100% your child will get it, it's just a higher chance.
I've heard of more cases of males getting it hereditarily but i'm not sure if it's actually more prominent in men.

Just last week my son's registered dieticien mentioned that my brother who has type 1 diabetes had a 1% more chance of his children having diabetes, then i would as his female sibling. I thought she said 15% increased chance for females and 16% increased chance for males.
Who really knows, after all my son has type 1 diabetes.
Good luck.

there is no basis that the male inheriits the gene for diabetes.Diabetes does have atendency to be hereditary.There are factors that can less the chances of the complications of Diabetes...maintain proper weight, exercise,,,and develop healthy nutritional habits...

Hemophilia is a condition that is hereditary and effects the male offspring.The female is the carrier of the disease.

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