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Is it safe to eat honey, if you have type 2 diabetes? Like if you eat 1 tsp a day.?
Like if you eat 1 tsp a day Of honey.

hrobinson r
It's according to how high is your diabetes, do you test every day. I have type 2 diabetes and I take a half teaspoon of honey and cinnamon a day, cinnamon help lower your blood sugar and honey give you energy. And cinnamon and honey help you loose weight also slowly.

with the exception of infants, honey is good for health, just make sure it is pure honey - not those adulterated or the "fake" honey; one characteristic of pure honey is that ants stay away from it - ants know pure honey comes from bees and they are afraid of bees; however, if the honey is mixed or contaminated by other things (like added sugar), ants will go for the honey; another characteristic of honey is that it will NEVER spoil - because of the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties; the nutritive and taste of pure honey varies, depending on what bee collects it and from which flowers they collect it from; pure honey is safe for diabetics, it is the processed and refined sugars that are bad;

Yes as long as you count it. As a diabetic I asume you count your carb intake? Then you can eat anything as long as you count it.

no i would nt eat and honey thats has alot of suager and sweet if you already had twices diabetes . you can go to the store and looks some no sugar foods and candies you should always double check on the labels on the back of the packages or bottles to see how much it there suager and calories first thing. but you shouls always becareful what you eat . if not then you will end up having heart attack or even high blood .

♥ terry g ♥
Sugar is sugar, whether it is natural or refined. Diabetics need to be careful about their intake of all sugars, including the natural ones. I avoid certain fruits because they are so high in sugar and there are plenty of alternatives. Diabetics can eat anything they wish, as long at it is in moderation and their blood glucose levels are under good control. My doctor highly recommended avoiding honey and I do.

Honey is used for an instant glucose shot just like jelly beans as it is pure sugar, diabetics use honey for regulating low BSL related hypos. Talk it over with your doctor but i doubt if you want to control your diabetes that honey is the best thing to be eating.

Honey is liquid sugar. It gets into your blood system faster than plain old sugar.

Sure, you can use it if that's how you plan to spend your daily carbs.
Count carbs as always.
I do not like drinking my carbs.Just personal preference.

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