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Is it safe for a diabetic to get body piercings?
I want to have my tongue pierced but I have type 2 diabetes which makes my body heal slower. I really want the piercing but not sure of all the risk with me being a diabetic. There is not much info on this that I have found.

It would be good to ask a hematologist this question. Also, internal medicine. There are a lot of diabetics that have piercings. It is the ability to fight off infections that is difficult with diabetes.

Grand pa
Ask a doctor . Dont take chances I am paying the price nerve damage, eye problems kidney problems heart problems

Miss Rose Trucker
If you really want to chance it I would talk to your Doctor one that is familiar with you they may not be thrilled about it but they can spell things out to you about what your personal risks really are.

not at all..dun take the risk

Generally, yes. Tattoos and piercings are safe if you get them done in a clean environment (DO RESEARCH on places before you go). Being diabetic, like others have said, means you definitely have a higher risk of infection. I got my cartilage pierced and I am a type I, but because I got it done in a tattoo shop with great reviews (and it was really clean and sterile) and I took really good care of it as it healed, I had no problems.
A tongue piercing, though, is WAY more susceptible to infection. You might want to think about it, but I would say no. (Try something that you know you can keep clean!)

No. It is not advisable, you are certainly at a greater risk than a non-diabetic

The diabetes puts you at higher risk for infection and makes it harder for your body to fight infection off. Tongue piercings are probably the highest risk for infection with body piercings. I wouldn't risk it. MAYBE another piercing, like the belly button, but be very careful wiith it.

Mark A
Rubbish, why cant a diabetic have piercings or tattoos, yes a diabetic takes more time to heal as long as the area is kept clean and your diabetes is controlled you are no different to a non diabetic having piercings, the stigma of DIABETES and normal is unfair, 99% of diabetics live a perfectly happy normal life.

I have the piercing, 7 years old now.... My last 2 piercings are 2 years old now. I am a type 1, of 17-18 years. I have many complications, but do not let this stop you from living. Talk 2 your doc, Go to someplace CLEAN and keep yourself clean.

Generally life shouldn't get in the way of your diabetes

God Bless

Diabetics are *generally* advised no, because of poor healing and risk for infection.

However, nowadays many diabetics (especially Type 2) can control their blood sugar quite well and maintain normal or near normal levels. This is because new diabetes care technology and treatment has come a long way.

*If* your blood sugars are well controlled, you don't have any issues with circulation, and you generally heal well, you may be able to get a piercing.

Your best bet is to ask your doctor if this may be possible for you. Only they know your medical history. With good control and normal healing times, I would not rule it out. That said, you will be at higher risk overall, and your doctor may want you to be on antibiotics to prevent infection.

I would avoid navel rings at all costs, they take a very long time to heal and are easily infected even in non-diabetics.

Discuss this with your doctor.

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