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Is it okay to drink water while fasting for bloodwork?
I was told not to eat or drink anything after midnight prior to the day I'm to have bloodwork done for a cholestoral screening. Can I consume drinking water?

No, nothing by mouth means exactly that...NOTHING.

No water, no ice, no nothing.

karen v
No because they want you to have nothing in your stomach. That means no food or water.

yes u can.. there is no problem if u have up to 1 glass of water

Dr. Elle
I'm pretty sure the answer is "NO", because they don't need anything diluted. At least this is how it was for me for a glucose fasting test for diabetes. I'd just call the lab where you'll be getting the bloodwork done. If they're closed, and you can't stand it anymore, maybe a few sips won't hurt. ???

yes is it ok to drink water but only water because you arent supposed to eat or drink anythang before you draw blood

Yes you can.........just don't drink TOO much!!!!


Jason C
For cholesterol screening it is ok to have water and even black coffee. Drink them in moderation however. If you were going for blood sugar tests then you can't eat or drink anything. But for lipid panels you can acceptably have water and a cup of plain black coffee.

Gypsy Girl
You can have some, but not a whole lot. Maybe one glass.

Nurse Betty
NO!! Please do not!! It could alter your blood test depending on how much you drink!! Go first thing in the morning after you have fasted so you can eat and drink after your lab work has been drawn. Good luck on your test results!!!

Nurse Betty


Water is O.K.---Nothing that contains nutrients or sugar, because that could alter the readings for specific tests.

My doctor told me drinking water was okay for a fasting glucose test at least.

yeah I work at a doctor office...and It is ok to drink water but please make sure you don't eat or drink anything else

ron c
Its ok to drink water!

Yes, it is actualy recommended. It would be easier to draw blood.

Great Nurse
You can have all the water and coffee you want 12 hours prior to the fasting blood work. Coffee must be black with no cream or sugar. Water does not affect your results..
I tend to disagree with the coffee, but the doctor I work for says its ok.

Yes, just water.

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