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Is it bad for diabetics to drink Gatorade?
I hear Gatorade is like the worst thing anyone can drink. But out of desperation, I'm looking for what IS good for diabetics to drink that has electrolytes.

i'm diabetic and was drinking gatorade by the gallon because i was thirsty. i went to the doctor and my sugar levels were through the roof. he asked what i was doing and i told him. he asked if i'd looked at the sugar levels on the bottle. after admitting that i hadn't, he told me to lay off of it. water is the best drink for a diabetic.

I am a diabetic and I have been drinking Gatorade. I went to the doctor today and my blood sugar was over 500. Diabetics DO NOT need to drink Gatorade. You would think by now they would make a sugar free Gatorade.

you can get the little packets of a generic gatorade at kroger and they are suger free you just pour 1 packet into 1- 16 oz. bottle water

My diabetic friends recommend drinking Crystal Light.

If you are having a heat stroke or are in danger, Gatorade is about the best drink to drink down. At this point, your sugar levels maybe so low it would not matter.

I don't think there really are any good drinks out there that is not loaded with sugar and other high carbs. I too am diabetic and it is hard to find things like that.

Oh yes. It has a lot of carbs and sugars. I'm not sure about drinks with electrolytes. It is very hard for diabetics for find anything. When looking, look for something with very low or no carbs or sugars. Good luck.

Have you had a eloctrolytes test to see what your normal is? If not then you should, as a diabetic, stay away from Gratoraid type drinks. They contain a large amount of salt and the rest of it is sugar. Thats their eloctrolytes!!
Try some weak green tea, or the lemon zinger type teas, or even kool-aid with splenda in a bottle will work find. Water is always the best for your health but man O' man I hate the taste of it.

Any drink that has sugar (sucrose). Sucrose breaks down into glucose.

It is probably a lot better than soda or other very high carb drinks.

Gatorade should be okay. They do have sugar free electrolyte replacement on the market now. If you are still leery, and I don't blame you do to the severe complications that can occur with uncontrolled diabetes, get some pediasure, it's in the baby section and contains a lot less sugar. I hope this works for you.

dont drink gatorade or for that matter any drink which contains glucose or sucrose. look for sugar free. 'delite' is a powder which has to be mixed with water and it is sugar free. buttermilk is a good option but the best is water. diet coke is also sugar free but id dont know whether it contains electrolytes.

Gatorade is deffinately not the best drink. It is loaded with sugar and carbs. Try drinking water, or the flavored packets that you put in the water bottles (Crystal Light), and the vitamin water also has electrolytes in it. It is pretty good in taste. I am also a diabetic and the dietician as well as my physician said to leave off gatorade, the calorie intake is not appropriate for our diets.

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