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 Is it safe to eat honey, if you have type 2 diabetes? Like if you eat 1 tsp a day.?
Like if you eat 1 tsp a day Of honey....

 I have been drinking the low carb (blue tab) MONSTER drinks?
for about a month. this may sound sick and nasty but latley everytime i go to pee, my pee sticks really bad. Is this because of the energy drink that i have been drinking? i havent drunk one in a ...

 I don't know what to do?
I recently went to my Dr's regarding diabetes, anyway I had all the blood test done and what not. So I went back to see my Dr/ again about my spells that I have been having(weakness, fast heart ...

 Is hypoglycemia REALLY a precursor to diabetes? I've never heard that before except by someone on this site.
I have occasionally experienced hypoglycemia where I get shaky and a bit disconnected and I feel like I have to eat the whole kitchen RIGHT NOW! I've used by grandmothers glucometer and found ...

 Do diabetic people have blackouts where they dont remember what they have said or done?

 Can a Detox Footbath help with Diabetic Neuropathy?

 2 hours after eating ...How high is too high for your blood sugar reading?

Additional Details
Can someone tell me also what the first two answers numbers ...

 It's frustrating. Will I starve trying to locate foods without any sugar or corn syrup in it??

 Why is it happening?
My moms diabetic and said her blood sugar has been dropping in the morning. She sees spots before her eyes and it happens fast. She takes her insulin as she's supposed to. The doctor decreased ...

 I am diabetic and have problems holding urine and frequently urinate.?
I was diagonized diabetic at 27 yrs and as much as I know myself even when I was small I had problems holding urine. This time I really struggle to hold it because I am big. I go to toilet ...

 Do you think it's harder to lose weight when you are taking insulin??
I, myself, take insulin, and I know insulin causes weight gain. I have been able to keep weight off by following a strict diet, but I've heard other diabetics say that it's really hard to ...

 Any suggestion on lower my Hemoglobin A1C. I went to see my doctor this am, it was 10.2. Any Suggesrtions??

 What is a "Sugar Daddy"?
I always here girls talking about their sugar daddy, what is a sugar daddy?...

 Is metforim a good drug for my condition?
My dr prescribed Metforim to me because I have cyst on my uterus.
i noticed that this is something for people w/ diabetes or to help their blood sugar I only have the cyst can someone ...

 My fiance has diabetes. What's the best diet for him?
My fiance has type 1 diabetes since he was 12. He didn't always eat THAT well in his younger years. He is 28 now, in good health otherwise, but I still worry about his past choices. I want him ...

 I want to marry a girl but she is a diabetic type 1. and my questions are is this type 1 a dangerous?
when she is diabetic with type 1 is at 15 & now 22 years. she takes two shots of insulin with 14 in morning & 22 at evening
Additional Details
she takes insulin ...

 Type 2 diabeties?
I was diagnosed 4 years ago even though my blood sugars have never been above 10, my 2 fasting bloods were 7.4 and 7.0, why is this?...

 Need some help with diabetes. I have to loose weight and cut carbs , but I don't know how.Can you help me?
How many carbs a day should you have? I have a sweet tooth, so can you help me with another way to satisfy my cravings. My doctor allows my to have 10 carbs a day but I don't know if its all the ...

 I have diabetes for 11 years and i am smoking for 4 years already...how do i give up smoking??? please help...
P.S. thing is that all my friends and to be more clear everyone around me is a smoker...so i guess it's gonna be hard for me not to smoke any more...
oh by the way i am 20, female
10x ...

 Is there a difference in calculating the glucose levels in African Americans and Whites?

Paul E
Is insulin sold over the counter i.e. without prescription in the US?

Jo W
No, because if you are not a diabetic it can kill you.

I have a perscription for my insulin. If I did not need it I wouldn't have it. So "no".

So With Sin I Condemn You
Nope- you need a prescription. That, and the hypodermics you need a perscription for as well.

Yes. Regular and NPH insulin is sold over the counter. You need to go to the pharmicist and ask for it.

YES! I was taking Novolin N and Novolin R but I went to Wal-Mart and they have a Reli-On brand that is the same and its only something like $21 a bottle I have no insurance so this helps alot.

i just recently went on vacation and am insulin dependent diabetic, i needed to buy some. i went down to the nearest drug store. they do sell insulin over the counter. i did not need a prescription. i told the pharmacist what i was looking for and they keep it in the back in the fridge. how ever it surely isn't cheap. only certain brands and types are available over the counter. you only need a prescription for your insurance company to pay for it.

No of course not:if you do not suffer from diabetes it will kill you.Or other people.

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