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Christine H
Is drinking very little water when you have kidney problems ok?
My friend who is diabetic has kidbney function problems.
She claims she was told to rest her kidneys and drink very little each day.
Does that make sense or has she misheard what the doctor was telling her?

Tin S
What I can tell you that 8 glasses of water a day is false and erroneous. 64 to 80 oz. a day is what is indicated. But this was overlooked, and now it 8 oz. /8 times a day.We get so many oz. from the food we eat and the liquids that we drink, that 8 glasses a day would have us camping on the toilet. But its good for the bottled water industry that sell water no better than our own tap!

wrong.. She should drink 2 litres a day of filtered or bottled low-sodium water.
Check with a nutritionist,just in case.
Chances are she misheard/misunderstood the doctor anyway.

~ D ~
I would say it's possible she misundertood. I can't imagine a doctor advising to drink very little water, when we are told we need 6-8 glasses per day... especially if she already has kidney problems. I'm sure she and you both know we need water to flush our kidneys and keep them in good working order so they can filter our blood properly.
as Heidi Anne said.. just tell your friend to go back to her doctor and ask again just what she is being advised to do. chances of an actual doctor being on here to answer this are pretty slim, so just tell her to ask her GP.

Your body needs water, but I have heard of this. I knew a guy that had a very hard time with his kidneys, he actually had a transplant, and he had to go easy on the water for a little while.

im diabetic and have kidney problems, i was told to drink up to 10 pints of fluids a day to keep kidneys clear and prevent infections

Ms Merlin
Difficult situation.
If she drinks too much fluid her kidneys will not cope and she will end up in hospital on dialysis, in the worst case with severe heart and breathing problems, some times even needing to be intubated and ventilated (tube and breathing machine).
She should keep her blood glucose levels under tight control so she does not need to drink a lot of fluids to 'flush out' excess sugar, like a lot of diabetics are told to do.

Heidi Anne
Well im not a doctor so im not sure but it doesnt sound right to me. I was scolded for not drinking enough and I was actually slowly killing my body! But then again I dont have kidney problems. I would just have your friend ask her doctor again. Just to make sure.

Some illnesses you can't drink a lot of water

it is possible. maybe the kidneys cannot deal with the water overload.

Eddy T
It is true that doctors advice their patients with kidney problems to drink less water becuase their kidneys are damaged. Especially after a dialysis treatment. I had a friend who had to undergo this kind of treament every four or five days.

Chris G
Ther is a middle ground for diabetics: should drink water but not excessive amounts: no sweet drinks.

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