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silver wings
Is a glucose level of 121 considered diabetes?

Additional Details
(After fasting).

For a fasting glucose test:
<100 mg/dl is normal
Diabetes is:
>126 mg/dl or a plasma glucose >126 mg/dl

It all depends on what kind of test you did? You should check out the diabetes websites.

No, but you are vague in your question. Was that a fasting, one done by an at home machine? The "normal" is between 80-120. If you have further concerns, ask your doctor. Hope this helps

If it is just after a meal, no. But if it is before a meal I would suggest keeping an eye on it.

Beware the fury of a patient man

Well, that depends if that is a fasting or post meal blood sugar? Did you use a home test meter or were you at a doctors office? those things matter when determining if you have diabetes. I would say call your doctor and make an appointment, the normal blood sugar of a person without diabetes is a lot lower, like between 75-100, the normal sugar range for someone with diabetes is between 80-120 so its hard to say but I think its high.

Depend on the time of the Blood glucose level in the body. Normal Lvels: If it is taken in the morning the blood glucose level range should be between 80-110mgms /dl. 2 hours after principal lunch (noon-as in India )it should be 100-140 mgms/dl Random at any time in between it should be between 80-120mgms/dl. Any level above this is considered diabetes.

This is in the normal range. It might be slightly elevated but not even close to being diagnosed as a diabetic. Normal range is 85 - 120
Also: If you just ate something your blood sugar level can be slightly higher. Don't worry until it gets to be 180 or higher every time you get it checked. I've been a diabetic for 28 years. Your doing fine.

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