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Is a glucose level 106 mg/dl after only 4 hours (not 8) of fasting cause for concern?
Is a glucose level over 106 mg/dl after only 4 hours (not 8) of fasting cause for concern in someone who tested 91 mg/dl seven months earlier after fasting overnight (approximately 10 hours)? Generally, anything over 100 can be prediabetic, but both WebMD and the American Heart Association website say that this test requires eight hours of fasting. In this case, (91 after overnight fast in January, followed by 106 after four hour fast in August), (a) should it be assumed that the reading after the longer fast is more valid and the reading after the shorter fast is high because of too short a fasting period, or (b) is the increase of 15 mg/dl too much to attribute to fasting for only four hours, and evidence that the level is rising at an average rate of approximately 2 mg/dl per month.

This is in a 33-year-old white male, 5'6", 142 lbs at the first test, 134 lbs at the second test, nonsmoker, BP 128/76 at first test and 105/60 at second.
Additional Details
I moved recently and do not have a regular doctor where I now live.

I think its normal.

Mr. Peachy®
No cause for concern. Click the link below and scroll down to the chart. You will see that you would have to be much higher to be even remotely concerned.

The longer fasting test is the one to go by.

Blood sugar is a moving target. It fluctuates so much that to say it's increasing by 2mg/dl per month is almost funny. It fluctuates that much every second.

Here's another good link for the various tests and their meaning:

personally i would worry anything over 100. i would be seeing a diebetic specialist period. i have heard this borderline stuff and its really sad they do this. i would worry cause normal bloods won't read over 100 period no matter what you do. the blood pressure is good that is true and you dont' have to have blood pressure up but when you are sick the sugar will go up and so will pressure. its up to you but i would start now and be safe then sorry a year later or two or whatever i was told at 25 i would be diabetic at 50's and i was it was a good military older doctor so i know this is true and all past relatives had the disease.

Anyone, diabetic or not can benefit from a proper diet and exercise. If you are concerned about your health as you seem to be then diet and exercise should be your choice to stay healthy even if you don't have diabetes.Blood sugars between 70 and 115 are about as good as you can get 4 hours after a meal.

Guy R
The meters are generally 95% accurate, so a 105 and a 91 is virtually the same reading. That means if you get a 100 reading your Bs could actually be anywhere from 95 to 105.

106 is fine after 4 hours fasting. If you're very concerned, go to the doctor and ask for an A1C.

Fla Gypsy
As a diabetic and just learning about it they have a test they do over a 3 month period. It's called the A1c test. They test your blood at 1 point. If it is (they say) between 6.0 and 7.0 you have no problem. If over that they consider you possible diabetic and you'll come back 3 months later to see if it has changed. If it has stayed low or gone down your fine if it has gone up they may start you on meds. Mine was 13.0 when I first got tested. All it is is a blood test. Ask your doc to test for it next physical or next time you see him. They tell me that 70 is normal for most people(blood sugars) at the max 90

I wouldn't worry about 106 after 4 hours. That is still in normal range. I am sure that 4 more hours and you would have seen another drop. Don't get all caught up in this unless you have reason to believe you are. Are you having any symptoms? Does it run in the family? I would find a good doctor and let him test you and put your mind at rest. You sound pretty healthy to me.

106 is still totally in the normal range. It is at the high end, but it's within a normal range. People who are truly diabetic can have glucose readings well above 200, as high as 400 or 500. The four hour thing is a non-issue. Either your pancreas works and produces enough insulin to keep your blood sugar in the normal range, or it doesn't. The amount of time you have waited is not important in determining whether your blood sugar is normal. If you want a test that is more accurate than what you have done so far, you need to have the test done where they make you drink syrupy stuff or where you go eat a big breakfast and then come back for a glucose test. Those will more accurately show if your body is reacting to the foods you are eating and show much more than a fasting test.
Your blood sugar can change by the minute, not just by the month. If you test at 91 one day it could be 106 the next. The increased level doesn't demonstrate any type of a consistent change or anything like that.

Nancy Kay
do you honestly think we are all diagnosticians? or MDs? contact your doctor if you want this kind of finite diagnosis.

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