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portajohnfan P
Is a blood sugar of 114 3 1/2 hours after eating still normal?

The new standards say anything over 90 is high.
I've been a nurse for over 30 years and diabetic for the past 5. A BS of 114 is fine.
Ask yourself this:
Do you feel OK?
Are you shaky, sweating, hands trembling?
Are you dizzy, weak, can't concentrate?

You will know when you BS is low.

114 (6.3 in Canada) is actually a great level to be at!

I'm just wondering how anything above 90 (5.0) is high under any standard :S

I can tell you reading is normal and it is. Visit my blog site and print off the Blood Glucose Level Chart and be better prepared.

Best Wishes.

Jacquot thinks normal is boring
That's a really good rating, actually. Just be aware to keep checking to make sure you don't drop too far in between meals. But 114 is great. Congrats!

I just tested 205, so hopefully I can get to your level someday. :)


But if you have heart disease in the family or high cholesterol or hypertension then you will have to watch it more carefully.

Bay Point
Is it normal 3 1/2 hours after eating?

Probably not, your blood sugars should drop to normal within two hours or so after eating, now you may ask.... well what is normal for a diabetic three plus hours after eating? there is no one answer that fits everyone, diabetes is all about statistical averages. A reading of 114mg/dl is slightly elevated but you should be more concerned what your A1c is.

And remember home meters are inaccurate by 10-20% either up or down, they should be used as a general guide, nothing more.

Brian T
I'm a diabetic who has read more than a dozen books on the subject when I was recently diagnosed.

A fasting blood glucose (BG) level should be under 100 but over 70. Beware though, there is something called the "dawn effect" where in about the first half hour to hour after you first wake up, your BG level will be elevated due to the Adrenalin rush that wakes you up. This is normal.

A normal BG before a meal should be 90 to 120 and after a meal it should be 100 to 130. The normal goal is to keep it below 140 at all times.

The more important test is the A1C. The ADA recommends an A1C below 7%. The A1C is more of a 90 window into BG control. Your body replaces it's hemoglobin about every 90 days. Glucose links to hemoglobin over time. The A1C test looks to see how much glucose is linked to hemoglobin in a given size sample.

I hope you find this helpfull.

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