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Is Coke Zero okay for someone with Diabetes???
I was just diagnosed with Diabetes 4 days ago, and I am addicted to Coca-Cola, obviously I have to change the way I am eating and drinking, I thought I could change to Coke Zero but when I was reading the label it didn't mention sugar at all, it didn't say it was 0 and it didnt say it was anything, does anyone know?? please someone help I have one on ice right now that I am dying to drink to fast answers would be great!!!!!!!!

CeKaye L
NO. No dark soda even though they say diet, but no! Even though Coke Zero has not cal. its loaded with sugar.

I have several patients that drink coke zero and their blood sugars still are extremely high, try diet coke that will be ok..

Yes your right. The recommended amount of coke a person with diabetes should consume is; ZERO. Seriously though, it should be fine since it doesn't contain sugar. My niece is diabetic and drinks Sprite Zero all the time, so I assmue Coke Zero uses the same sugar substitute.

carpet guy
This is a great website for diabetics. You can post your Question there too

i love coke cola, and coke zero just ain't it. you should try to flavored waters. it will not satisfy that need for a coke, but it fuzzy and if you get the right flavor refreshing. it only way to kick the coke cola habit is to stop cold turkey cause there isn't another pop out there that can stand up to it.....

Jennifer D
I don't drink Coke Zero, but look at the ingredients. Anything that ends in "ose" (such as fructose) is basically sugar. Also look for High Fructose Corn Syrp (HFCS) which is super bad for you whether you are diabetic or not. Where the label lists info like the USRDA of calories, etc. what does it say about grams of carbs and grams of sugar? This question is really something you should be asking your doctor or his/her nurse. If there is a local nurse phone hotline in your area, I suggest you call it.

Splenda is the only artificial sweetener that has no effect on blood glusoce level. im not sure what coke zero has in it.

Call your doctor and ask to be referred to a health educator or nutritionist. You need to figure your daily allowance of carbs as prescribed by your doctor. The American Diabetes Association is a great resource to research this. Also Harvard School of Medicine has the Joslin Center, an excellent organization for researching and treating diabetes. Here are some links to patient education on both sites.

since zero coke acts like regular coke in the body , you may not want to drink it...so just drink soem fruit juice or try some water...

Read the nutrition label. Look under carbohydrates, the sugar content will be listed underneath. Remember, it is not the amount of sugars that you need to really be concerned with, it is the amount of carbs, since eventually of all carbs turn to sugar.

It contains a sugar substitute, obviously. But I don't know if you can consume sugar substitutes. You should visit the coke website if the can doesn't tell you what kind.

Coke Zero should be fine.

You can drink any of the 'diet' drinks that contain a sugar substitute. My mother has diabetes and contracted Ketosis this year (she's been diabetic for 13 years). so we need to re-valuate her diet and were advised by an endocrinologist that as long as drinks don't contain sugar, then it is okay to consume as this will not affect your blood sugar levels. It must not contain any real sugar though! In addition to which, you should try and drink other beverages that actually contain some nutrients such as tea, decaffeinated coffee, and mineral water. Stick with low-GI foods and avoid processed foods. Keep the fat level down too.

nevada nomad
I am diabetic and take pills every day, I usually drink 1 regular coke a day and my sugar level has stayed the same as when I laid off it for a couple days to check it out. But check with your dr. first.

Janet E
All diet sodas are fine for diabetics, although those containing caffeine, may not be good for people who are also hypertensive.

Doris D
i am a diabetic and do not drink coke zero I'm also a coke lover and when i took it 33 years ago the only thing to drink was tab that was really bad but try drinking diet coke it is almost like the real thing

It contains Splenda. Always call and ask your doctor first, but Splenda should be fine for diabetics.

stevie "d"
coke zero is o.k to drink.
If in doubt over drinks, look for the carbohydrate content.
Trace means no sugar.
The information given to diabetics in the U.K is diet soda is fine to drink.

You can drink all the sugar-free (or ZERO) soda you want---
but as a diabetic myself, changing your diet should include eliminating junk like that.
Get a big insulated mug, and fill it with ice & water all day, keeping it nearby. You will find you love ice water!
If you need caffeine, take "Jet Alert" from Wal-Mart.
Good luck, and be STRONG!

There are no carbohydrates in Coke Zero. It is made with Sucralose which is the generic name of Splenda. If there's no listing for carbohydrates it's because there are no carbohydrates, sugar is a carb. When reading the nutrition facts on the label it will list the total number of carbohydrates and then break it down the types. Sugar alcohols have less of an effect on glucose levels so most people count half of them when counting carbs. Fiber has no effect on glucose levels because it can't be digested so if counting you can subtract those. The rest is usually listed as sugar or other carbohydrates and they're the ones that will raise you glucose levels. There's no need to read ingredients to find out if there are carbs in something, it will be listed in the chart. If you however want to know what ingredient is contributing to the count, then by all means, read on. Most diet cola's will be carb free and calorie free. I personally think Coke Zero tastes better than any other diet cola I've tried so far.

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