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 What kind of juice is good to drink for type 2 diabetes or is it just water from here on out?

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-Can diabetes cause mild abdominal pain and medium/bad nausea?

-Can I have diabetes if I'm 14, NOT overweight, and it does NOT run in my family?
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Thanks ...

 Does sugar binging increase diabetes risks?
A friend of mine with a family history of diabetes tends to sugar binge. She isn't overweight, she thinks she should lose 10lb but its probably more about toning from where I am standing. Her ...

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 Just told he's a diabetic....?
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 I have some questions for people who have diabetes?
Hi I have some questions about diabetes it's for my speech class and it requires me to interview people, for people who have diabetes :

What was your first reaction when you found out ...

 Where on the highstreet can I buy ketone test strips?
I'm in the uk by the way x
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This is to see if my body is in ketosis- yes I am dieting....

 Is dizziness a sign of diabetes?
I am 30, overweight and had gestational diabetes (diabetes when your pregnant). I dont have health insurance and cant get my blood sugar tested. Is dizziness a sign of diabetes? I am dizy after I ...

 When people drink lots of water when they have diabetes what makes them drink water?
what makes them thirsty all the time?...

 Someone mentioned that diabetics are a carrier of staph infection. Is this true?

 Do you take insulin or pills?
If you are on insulin what type and how many times a day do you have to take it??
I am on Humalog(4 times a day) and Novolin N(twice a day)
What type of oral pills?
I was on oral ...

Is 97 a good blood sugar level?
I am not diabetic, but I had my blood sugar tested. I was wondering if 97 is a good blood sugar level?


well,the normal range of boold sugar is 70-110mg/dl
but with the new criteria of the world health organisation,you should do a fasting blood sugar test by heading to the nearest lab and ask them about details of this test which is not that expensive by the way,and very much reliable....if u have a fasting blood sugar over 126mg/dl it means unfortunately that you r diabetec according to the new criteria of the world health organisation.
lets not rush things,and go to your nearest lab.

Ideal blood sugar for a healthy person should be between 80 and 120. 97 is pretty much perfect.

Always Right
That depends. 97 what?

Answers is run by hippocrites
Yep. I believe when fasting, the number should be below 100.

A normal blood sugar should be no higher then 105. It use to be higher but they keep lower it for your health. Family history plays alot in your history. 97 is ok but your almost boarderline. And have you been fasting (not eaten anything for a least 12 hours before checking your sugar. Hope this helps

It's not just good, it's perfect. Congrats!

It means you are pefectly normal and healthy. Normal is 80-120 mg/dL. Your glocuse level is not just good, it's perfect. :D

yes anywhere between 70-140 that is what my doctor told me.

70 mg/dl - 115 mg/dl is considered normal to our hospital

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