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Is 91 a good Blood Sugar Level after eating something?
Diabetes runs in my family, so i'm always watchin my sugar levels. I was just wonderin what is a good rang of sugar levels beforee and after a meal. I just ate and have a level of 91. is that good or bad?

yes it is very good your sugar's should be 120 and 80. My wife is a diabetic. So yes after you and its 91 your doimg good.

Thats fine if you were fasting 91 may be a tad high for a non diabetic but if you just ate then 91 sounds good.

It's great. Don't worry.

As a rule a blood sugar of 100 or higher is a cause for concern in a normal person. If a physician sees a fasting glucose reading of 100 he would begin to watch you a bit more carefully. 91 is a perfectly normal reading.

Amy G
yes that is good im a diabetic and 91 is good if you dont have diabetes then my doc said that you should be between about 75 and 95 im supposed to be around 80 to 120 if you start going really high then I think you know what to do so be careful I was +700 when I found out!!

91 is awesome. Normal blood sugar range is generally 70-110.

Great!My best friend who has been diagnosed with diabetes is glad when she has that 91,three hours after the meal,let alone just after the meal.You are a star!

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