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Is 127 a good blood sugar reading?
i just checked my sugar and it said 127 is that good or baD?

It all depends on your Type If you are Type One Yes It's Very good the now if youare type two its not great but it's ok!!

perfectly fine. I wouldn't worry about it. I wouldn't stress about getting a Hgb A1C done either. If you are worried about it talk with your Dr. You can also check your sugar to see what it is running in general. You also didn't mention if you ate before you took the reading. That can have an affect on you sugar. Your best bet for your own piece of mind is to speak with your Dr about your concerns.

It depends on when you checked your blood.

If it's a fasting blood sugar reading, than it's higher than it should be (under 100 is best, although under 110 is ok, too).

If you tested 2 hours after you ate, and you're not pregnant, than it's a good reading (under 140 is considered good).

If you tested 2 hours after you ate, and you are pregnant, than it's a little higher than it should be (under 120 is considered good).

Curt S
A normal blood glucose level is considered to be between 80 and 120mg/dl. A reading of 127 is slightly elevated and may or may not mean anything significant. It is difficult to diagnose anything based on a single reading. I suggest you test it regularly twice a day (before a meal). If it is frequently over 120 you may be in the early stages of diabetes.

I am a Nurse Practitioner and I want to emphasize the importance of following up with this. It may save your life. Good luck!

Star of the Future
depends. if ur a diabetic, yes, if ur not, no

Medicine Woman
Blood sugar readings should read between 80 &120. 127 is not bad. Did you test 2 hours after eating? That is how long it takes to get down to normal. The best readings are in the morning when you first get up. My husband is boarderline diabetic and they told him to test first thing of a morning and 2 hours after eating. I have the opposite, mine goes too low.

Please make sure you specify the units. But I will assume they're mg/dl.

If it is FASTING, then you're SLIGHTLY on the higher side, but if it is just random, then you're GOOD!

Is this a Canadian or US scale? If it is Canadian you should be going to your doctor and asking for an A.1. C. haemoglobin test or a glucose tolerance fasting test done right away. Only a doctor can do these test.
In Canadian standard (metric) the normal average is 5.4.
Blood Glucose Trages:
For Most Patients With Diabetes
Before Meal 4.0 - 7.0 mmol/L
2 Hours After Meal 5.0 - 10.0 mmol/L

Normal range Before Meal 4.0 - 6.0 mmol/L
Normal Range After Meal 5.0 - 8.0 mmol/L

Andi Sugi
Yes it is good and normal.

kaush j
1) Firstly are you a diabetic and was this a Random Blood Sugar test or a Fasting Blood Sugar test.
I'd guess if you were a diabetic - you'd know if its normal or not. So I'm guessing your not.

If you were a diabetic =
i) If it was a Random test its normal.
ii) If it was a Fasting test then its a bit above normal, could be due to poor compliance of medication or not having proper Diet control.

2) A HbA1c test is done to check the compliance of medicine in diabetics for the past 3 months. Its more expensive than a Random or Fasting blood sugar test.

3) If your not a diabetic I still need to ask if your 127 reading was Random or Fasting.

If you're not a diabetic =
i) If it was a Random test its normal.
ii) If it was a Fasting test then its a bit above normal

If you have a family history of Diabetes , you can go see a doctor , who will advice you further.

I am a diabetic & my doctor said less then 70 & over 160 is bad so you are just fine!

Normal levels are between 80-120 It is slightly elevated but not bad. It would be in the "controlled" range if you have been diagnosed with diabetes and are trying to control you blood glucose levels.

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