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If you are diabetic is it okay to smoke weed?
i just recently did it today and i just wanted to see if i should stop and if it is bad, what can i do to get it out of my system?

mrs wilson54
no it is not plus weed is a drug an it fries your brain why would you want to be a drug addict on top of having diabetes


ilove nick
stupid..only losers smoke weed.........

Clark H
weed fries your brain, no matter what

Rob P. A
You should not engage in drugs regardless of your medical condition.

Keep it in your pants™

Judas Rabbi
its NEVER okay too smoke weed........... dumb a**

No you cannot it is very bad stop now.

I am a diabetic myself and if your a Type 1 insulin dependent like myself i wouldnt recomend it and i would stop.
If your a Type 2 and your type of diabetes isnt as hard to manage then i would monitor yourself carefully but i would say it would still be possible to smoke.

Sporty Gurrl
gurrl its never ok to smoke weed
and if you already sick with diabetes i wouldnt continue it
believe me weed just makes you feel horrible

sweetie, straight up, dont even start.


no that could kill you!!!!

weed has nothing to do with diabitics.....if u wanna smoke, smoke away, but weed will probably make u slow and alot more amusing to other people....

First off Mj is not addictive.
Second it is illegal.
Third it will take 3 weeks to get completely out of your system.

Don't "try" any hard drugs.

Shambrel T
Nope, weed will help you. Wed will help you avoid hardships, pain, and help you fail at life. Weed is just right.

Brock B
It is always bad for you to smoke weed it kills brain cells u migt wan to think about stopping(and its also iIlegal).

its never ok

Hey you already have one problem that will probably stay with you (probably even get worse) the rest of your life, why complicate your life any more by weed. Stay focused on your own health.

if you are choosing between drinking and smoking. then smoke, im pretty sure drinking is a lot worse for diabetics

hes right (clark)

ღஐcavalier de fantômeஐღ
As far as marijuana having conflicting effects with diabetes, I'd say no there are none.

You can flush it out by drinking a good amount of water and eating fruit.

MARIJUANA IS A GOOD THING. Please stop all the hating. I'm an intellectual and eventually I will have a great career. I've smoked plenty of marijuana and I'm proud of it, it's not the weed that makes people lazy. People let themselves get lazy.

yes should be fine just gotta becareful when you get the muntches lol just relax

Moxie Crimefighter
Yes, it's bad for you...duh...

Whitney the Awesome
I believe it certainly wouldn't HELP you.

Doing weed (or any other drug of that matter) is just plain stupid...killing your brain doesn't sound fun to me.

I suggest if you've been smoking for awhile you consult someone who could help you quit, or if this is your first time to never do it again.

Just saying...

yes it's bad for you and affects part of your body.IT WILL take 7 to 14 days before it clears your system.DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS
smoking MARY JANE .makes one want to eat a lot of sweets,that you don.t need.

I remember from my teen year it used to give me the wicked munchies.... Being a type 1 diabetic that isn't always the best thing.

umm..im thinking its bad to smoke weed no matter what, and its definatley not going to help your health.

It's fine, but the munchies that go along with it will throw off your blood sugar levels...

megan s
talk to your doctor about it. and in reality weed is not addicting.

You'll be fine.
Marijuana is not bad for you if you are a diabetic, unless you get the munchies and eat too much sugar, thats bad. The chemical in Marijuana that makes you high is THC, tetrahydracanibinol (I think i spelled that righ) or the "delta-9 compound". Your body has receptors in the brain and spine that grab ahold of the THC molecules and makes you high. That said, it has absolutely nothing to do with the ammount of insulin your body is or is not making. Marijuana in itself will not harm you. However if you couple it with driving, skydiving, attempting to take an exam, or watching CNN then yeah, its going to do some serious damage.

As for getting it out of your system, dont believe what people tell you about flushes and pills etc etc. Its in you for at least 14 days, usually a month depending on frequency of use, body mass, and karma. What you CAN do is drink lots of water to dilute any trace of it if youre up for a drug test. But if you just want it out of your system for the sake of having it out, then I wouldnt worry, after your high wears off, it wont come back to haunt you or anything like LSD does.

Hope that helps a little.

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