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bedroomeyes#1 s
If u are diabetic and eat sweets and not take your medicine, can you break out in boil like sores?

Absolutly you can My dad was a diabetic since 86 and he died in March. He had really bad ulcers on his foot and he had to have his right leg amputated. He suffered with a second infection on the other leg which I helped take care of 4 like 3 years or more and he ended up being a double amputee. He ate a ton of sweets and things that a diabetic shouldn't have aten because he was stubborn and didn't do what the doctor wanted, I tried helping him but he wouldn't listen 2 me much either I know he loved me and all but if you continue to do like what he did you will get boils or sores and it could turn extremely worse.

Miss Hell
Yeah & you could go blind & disabled & be hooked up to machine for the rest of your life, if you let yourself get out of control. Is a cookie worth that?

Yes, I know someone who died of diabetes

I'm pretty sure it's a bit more serious than that. You can go into a coma. There are sweets that are made for diabetics but I'm pretty sure you still need to take your shots.

There is alot that can happen. Why do you ask if you already know the answer?

starting over
No, you can go into a diabetic coma and die. If you know someone who is doing this, and they start acting drunk, call an ambulance..right away.

yes, you can. out of control diabetics can have multiple symptoms up to and including death.

being a diabetic you should not eat sweets .you know that im sure ,look if you want to live long have a good life take your meds and dont mess with sugars .you know it makes sense take your meds and look after yourself ,no boils no hypos no yeast infections no blurry eyes no sweats any of these ring a bell .

not usually, but i have different things that happen to me when i'm high and it's not a regular symtom. Just take your meds and that won't happen

don't listen to lenard. Diabetics can eat sweets; just not a lot.

I hope so! Take your medicine stupid!

Angela B
Yes, and a whole lot worse can happen as well, as others on this Board can tell you. Please take your medicine and follow dietary advice, because diabetes is a serious condition and can be deadly if you do not take care of yourself.

yes. Please take your meds! Diabetics can often break out in painful boil like sores regardless of what they eat.

If you are a diabetic who eats sweets, and you don't take your medicine, sores are the least of your concerns. Death is much more important.

I've never heard of boils coming from diabetes, but the disease comes out in so many ways that I suppose it could happen. More likely, it comes from the fact that uncontrolled diabetes makes sores and cuts take longer to heal. That part is definitely true. So, while the diabetes might not be the cause of the break out in sores, it can make it much worse, by not letting the body heal them as they form.

Take your medicine!! And cut down on those sweets. Your life is in your hands--literally.

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