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 Why diabetes is increasing in these days?!!?
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when I go to the toilet it all ...

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im 14 and im worried i have diabetes , i started to notice a few months well maybe even more than that i have it because i got off the bus one time and i felt really dizzy and my vision was very ...

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 Diabetes question,?
Is it possible to get/have diabetes even though no one else in the family has it?
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 Whats a quick way to raise blood sugar?
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 Diabetes bad pls help befor she dies?
please help me out. my mom has diabetes type 2. she see's alot of doctors as her bloodreading can get to 27.5 but never under 9.0 the thing is she gets up at 2-3am so very hungry, the doctor has ...

 How hard is it to live with a Diabetic or have a relationship with one.?
My boyfriend has Diabetesand he doesn't take good care of himself. He doesn't check his blood on a regular basis and he drinks regular pop and has all the wrong things. Mood swings are a ...

If they are taking money out of my check for medicare, does it mean I'm ON medicare?
Does that make sense?

They take out money each check for medicare. I was never aware of this, but does it mean that I am ON medicare?

And if I'm not, can I change it to where im NOT getting charged for that?

And if I am, how can I go about using medicare when needed? And what can you use medicare FOR?

It's taken out of everyones check and there's nothing you can do about it. It's there in case you lose your job or have a child but can't afford medical treatment.

no u are not on medicare. no you can't change it . deal with it.

nope , it means you are contributing to the medicare fund , with the idea you will someday need it.

JR in Texas
Everyone is required to pay a medicare "tax" just like you pay Social Security taxes. In both cases, you will not be eligible to get the benefits (social security or medicare) until you are 65 years old. The age of eligibility may change over the next few years.

God Child
If you are talking about your paycheck from work no you are not on medicare you are putting into so when you do need it at the age of 65.you will have insurance coverage when you are on social security,no you can not change what the state takes out of your work check,medicare is used for medications,doctors appointments hospitalization,ect.......,but if you are on SSi or SSd now you can cancel it but you will not have insurance coverage,and they take it out to pay the monthly premium,but there is a program called the QMB thru the state that will pay for your medicare premiums Good Luck aand God Bless Lisa

Are you disability? If you are, then yes - it is automatic when you are on disability.

Pretty Wreckage
no that doesnt mean that your on medicare. its to help people out on medicare and they take it out of everyone's check. its a law.. so no you cant change it.. and you cant be on medicare.. its for people over 65 or people with end stage renal disease or people with disability's or people that have black lung. its medical coverage for those kinds of patients.. you or i wont be getting it for a long time if its even around when we get older. same as social security

No you are not on medicare. Medicare is basically a government health insurance plan for older americans. Those that are retired and over 65. Once those things happen you will be eligible to recieve medicare.

You do not have the option to not pay your medicare tax. If you don't pay it you will be guilty of tax evasion. And your employer would also be breaking the law

No. You, like the rest of us taxpayers, are paying for Medicare.

You will become eligible for medicare when you turn 65. Everyone has to pay into it when they are of working age, no you do not have the choice to opt out. We will just hope that by the time you are 65 the medicare system will not be bankrupt. The only young people on medicare are people who qualify for disability. So better to be healthy, right.

Nope it's a medicare tax

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