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Daphne B
If my sugar is at 320 how do i get it down?

Take some insulin then eat in about 30 min or so but be careful your sugar goes down really fast!

Tin S
More meds or insulin. TYPE1 or 2? Exercise will bring it down the quickest.And cut out the carbs. More meat and veggies. Please include more info, not for me cause I don't go back to Questions. But for the future people that answer.Like what meds you are on now.

That is WAY TO HIGH. if your sugar is at 320, then you need to call your Doctor ASAP and have him/her help you get it back down BEFORE you end up going into a diabetic comma. Your Doctor is the only one that can help you with this. good luck.

d c
well... that level is to high!

always seek advice from a doctor... based on you condition, diet, exercise an insulin intake he will be able to help you achieve safe glucose level..

karen h
Call your doctor right away. If you are not on insulin you should be on it. Diet, eat low carbo foods and do not eat anything with sugar in it. Take walks.

The answer is: it depends. Are you a type 1 or type 2 diabetic? I'm going to assume type 2, where your problem is insulin resistance moreso than a problem with insulin production (type 1). Are you an insulin dependent diabetic, or are you only controlled by pills? Are you on any type of medications that might raise it (steroids, etc?) Are you ill or have you undergone surgery/trauma recently?

You probably know the most obvious answers if you are relatively healthy: Exercise and a lower-carb consistent diet will help keep your numbers down some and lessen resistance to your body's insulin.

Any time your sugar goes over 300(or over 200 consistently), you should let your doctor know right away, because they are in tune more with how you may react to different interventions than a generic website or a random nurse like myself dispensing advice. They may even want you to go to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

I'm not sure what your sugar-checking regimen is, but typically if you are checking 4 times a day (before meals and at bedtime), you need to be sure you are checking *before* you eat, because your numbers are of course going to be higher right after eating.

In brief:
Short term intervention - insulin (definitely call your doctor to see if they want to adjust your dosing or want you to come in).
Long term intervention - diet and exercise.

I'm so sweet I need insulin
If you are diabetic (as in already diagnosed) I'd correct for the high sugar and take some tylenol because I would have a humongous headache. I'd also drink lots of water and test for ketones... I might exercise if ketones are negative, but then I probably wouldn't b/c of the headache..

If you are not a diagnosed diabetic, you should call 911 or get somebody to take you to the ER. Don't drive though, please! 320 is a pretty high bg... normal is 70/80-120...

But I really do hope that you get your sugar down and start feeling better, and if you're not diagnosed yet, I'm sorry that you probably will be pretty soon... Good luck and best of hope to you!!

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