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If I get a prescription and it says take it 3X a day, does that mean every 8 hrs. or with my 3 meals that day?


TID (three times a day) = every 8 hours.

Tim Br
If it's diabetic medication, it's meant to be taken right before meals. Be careful of low blood/sugar.

Generally it means every eight hours - but some meds can and should be taken with meals, instead.

Call your pharmacy and ask the pharmacist - she's the best one to ask...

go to WebMd.com to find out what the doctor or your pharmacist isn't telling you about the med. This site has lists of meds with prescribing info on it.

Too many doctors say "Here, take this. It will help the problem" and say nothing else. Pharmacists, unless the law requires it, don't give any more help than that either.

We must each do our own research on meds, food plans, and all else so we are educated and can have better knowledge and control of our diseases. We can specialize in a way doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc don't have the time for doing. Educate yourself!! It is easy on the internet.

It depends on the medication and the side effects. Some medications should be taken every 8 hours (or close to it). Others cause problems if taken on an empty stomach so they should be taken 3 times daily with food. You should talk to your pharmacist about it if you are unsure. Most of them are very happy to answer your questions.

Depends on how soon you eat after your other meal. I would stick with the every 8 hrs. If you have to take your medicine with food, eat a snack or make sure your meals are spread out enough!

It means every 8 hours unless it specifies taking with food, then you can take it with meals or snacks.

♥Shortstuff ♥
Take the medicine every 8 hours. :)

Jay W
That means every 8 hrs - when you wake up, 8 hours later, and then ~8 hours after that (before bedtime). If you took them with every meal, the time between the last pill of the day and the first of the next day would be too far apart.

Mr. Peachy®
If it were to be taken with meals, it usually will say so.... provided your doctor and/or pharmacist did their homework (which isn't always the case). Better call to make sure.

Some medications need to be taken with or food or after food. Some should be taken without eating. You should have receive information from a paper that was included with the medication.

You can also call the drugstore where you purchased the medication or the doctor that prescribed it. Another way is to do a search in Yahoo or Google with the name of the medication.

Do not guess.

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