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Diamond g
IS sugar-free candy for type 2 diabetes safe this is new to me can't you tell.?

Jamie, FNP
They usually use sorbital for sugar replacement
this is given for constipation toooooooo

My opinion and experience:
I think you should experiment on your own body. Maybe normally it does not or should not but I knew one older lady and it DID affect her. She was an older lady and a very brittle diabetic, however. I used to tell her that I could look at her crossed eyed and it would change her blood sugar. lol (She is gone now)

yes it is safe to eat,but don't eat too many. Sugar free candy gives you diarrhea if you eat to many

lucy l
actually you still have to eat it in moderation because there are sugar alcohols in it even tho it may be sugar free..just eat the portion it says on the back of the package and you should be okay

i think anything sugar-free is okay for diabetic..

Your body may still initially react as if you were eating sugar cause the brain senses something sweet. It can have a laxative effect if you eat too much. (Won't tell you the details, but that happened to me big time one time.)

I try to use my craving for sweets as a signal to eat a protein based, low sugar, low carb snack. Now it is sunflower seeds, soy nuts, and sometimes almonds or macademia nuts. It really helps control the craving.

Sugar free is good. Be careful though, the chemicals they use to replace the sugar to make it sweet sometimes give you diarrhea if you eat too much before you're used to it.
But make sure you read the package. It's carbs that matter.

♥ terry g ♥
It is safe though eating too much of it can cause gastro-intestinal discomfort (to put it nicely). It also contains sugar alcohols and carbs, which will affect your blood sugar levels, so eat it in moderation. Due to all of this, I prefer to eat regular candy ON OCCASION, in small amounts, when my blood sugar levels are well controlled.

Buzz s
HA! Sugar free diabetic candy contains sorbitol. Sorbitol is what the body converts glucose into and then puts it in nerves to give you diabetic neuropathy. Eating these is asking for trouble. Why they aren't off the market is beyond me.

yes it is safe, but, ckeck the serving chart and only have the allowed serving and monitor you glucose levels daily

It is safe, but you still have to be careful. Look on the package for the serving amount and use that. I have type 2 as well. I ate a whole bag of diabetic sugar free candy and got sooooo sick! My dietitcian said to follow the serving suggestions on the back of the bags.

Usually it's fine. The package usually says, "excess consumption may have a laxitive effect" - nevermind that. excess consumption WILL have a laxitive effect. But "excess consumption" is different from person to person.

I've heard of sugar-free lollies containing sorbitol sometimes affecting BSL. Also, remember if you are eating things like chocolate, you may be getting sugars from other things (like the milk in chocolate).

It's okay to experiment a little and see what does and doesn't agree with your body.

Pete K
Sugar-free candies were created with Diabetes
in mind. (That's something you can be as sure
of as you can be of death and taxes.)
I'm not a diabetic, myself. But I'd suggest that if
you are a diabetic with a sweet tooth, you would
do well to find yourself another sort of fix. To coin
a common phrase: "Better safe than sorry.

Best of health & good luck.

Its Safe regarding increase in sugar but it has its own side effects. So I would say dont use it.

Dr.Mandar Arekar (MD- Internal Medicine)

yes it wont spike your sugar

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