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I took the blood test HbA1c and the level was 6.6. does this mean i am diabetic?
the normal is 6.0 but my doctor is doing nothing. should i be worried or not?

6.6 ,, u could be diabetic
7 means to increase your anti diabetic medicine

This should be evaluated along with blood sugars and other factors. It is a possibilty.

It depends on the lab running the test, there is a 15-20%range by different labs, but the HbA1C is not usually done for dianosis but to check the level of control over a 3 month time span.

That is a question for your doctor. There must have been a reason that your doctor ordered an A1C test for someone that has not previously been diagnoised as diabetic. I find it difficult to believe that your doctor would tell you the results of such a test and then drop the subject. You should have (and now should) immediately said, "Okay, now what?".
If your doctor does not believe you to be diabetic at this time, it sounds like you could possibly be pre-diabetic. Maybe. Again this is a conversation you should be having with your doctor. Immediately.
Trust me, the complications of uncontrolled diabetes is nothing to mess around with.
Look at it this way, if you are not diabetic or pre-diabetic then maybe this is the wake up call you need to take control of your health.
Best of luck to you.

depens... a diabetic could also get a testing of 6.6 aswell if they're diabeties is really well controlled

6.6 is an average bg of 158. It likely means you have diabetes. You need to get a fasting bg done. Above 125 on two occassions is diabetes. A1c can't be used to diagnose diabetes, but that's a concerning a1c.

The other answers are good. I am at 6.3 and controlling it with diet. I am also on an anti-yeast cleanse because I found out that a yeast overgrowth condition (Candida) can happen when ones sugars are imbalanced - and can cause a further imbalance.

I was on metformin until my sugars started going down on the anti-yeast diet.

If you want info on this, there is basic info at www.hufa.org.

I think you should keep getting tested, and get worried enough to do something if your HA1c goes up.

As has been said already, your 6.6 will give you an average blood glucose level of about 156 for the past three months. That's an average. It would have been higer and lower. So, yes you should be doing something about it. The average BG is 100 +/- 20 or 80 to 120. Doctors are now looking at people with a BG over 140 as being diabetic rather than "pre-diabetic". Anything between 120 and 140 is the "Pre" zone and an average of 156-158 is beyond 'pre' stage.

You can figure your average BG by doing the following: A1c of 5 is average BG of 100. Every point over 5, add 35 to the 100. So, with 6.6 you would add 56 (6.6-5 = 1.6 ... 1.6 x 35 = 56 ). Then add 100 + 56 = average 156 BG for past three months.

What did your doctor say? The doctor would have a much better answer for you that Yahoo Answers!!!

I sure would be happy to have my A1c at 6.6 but I do have diabetes. My brother who also has it has a 6.0 A1c.

NOTE: If your doctor is doing nothing than don't worry but at the same time see what you can do with diet and exercise to prevent it from going higher.

Many pre-diabetics and Type 2 diabetics are finding a lot of help from using cinnamon.

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