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I think im diabetic, how can i tell without going to the doctor?

i f u think so dont hesitate to go to doctor.todays shyness will be tomorrows misery for u if dibetes remain untreated.

hard headed diabectic
the best way to tell is to go to the doctor or e.r. room but here are some signs to watch out for
shaking,fast heartbeat,sweating,anxious,dizziness,hun... in paired vision,weakness fatigue,headache,irritable,
what you can do if you feel any of these signs
drink a half cup of orange juice or milk or eat several hard Candy's
test blood sugar if these symptoms don't stop call your doctor now

google your symptoms, or go to diagnose-me.com, an do whatever they ask, you gotta pay them tho i think, or not...

The REAL Tiffy!
I was diagnosed diabetes type 2 not too long ago. Some of the things that made me go to the doctor to have my blood checked were:
* constantly thirsty
* needing to pee a lot
* being constantly tired
* dizzy spells
* "sweating" attakcs (like hot flushes)
* having a hard time to concentrate
* getting impatient soon
The last 4 symptons happen when your blood sugar is temporarily too low. The first 3 are related to a too high sugar level.
I would have it checked out if i were you. Better to know, and next to that, once you know if you have it some minor changes in your eating habbits and maybe some meds (i take 1 small pill a day) will make you feel like a whole new person.
Good luck, tiff

I am wondering why you " think " you might be diabetic? If there is a family history, and you are having extreme thirst, excess urination, and feel super hungry often, you have symptoms of diabetes. The best thing to do, just to satisfy yourself and cease worrying, is go to your Doctor and have some blood work done. There is a test that they can do that will show what your blood sugar levels have been doing for the past 2-3 months. This could resolve your questiom. Don't wait. There is a lot of damage that can be done to your body if you are an untreated diabetic. You can shorten your life. Good luck

Excessive thirst, frequent urination. But go to the doctor and let them do the glucose tolerance test or a test called hemoglobin A1C that will determine your glucose levels for the past three months. Don't delay because diabetes left untreated can cause things like blindness, heart attacks, kidney failure, or result in amputations or neuropathy.

felling tired, thirsty, going to the bathroom a lot, light headed after a meal. if you go to the dr he might send you to the hospital to do a glucose test. you drink this orange soda and go for an hour, then they check your blood to see if there is any change in your glucose levels.

lone wolf and pub
if you go hypo ( hypoglyceamic) you will feel silly or euphoric and then you could slip into a diabetic coma, a good indication is if you drink lots of water and still feel thirsty all the time...do yourself a favour and seek medical attention, and don't take chances with your health!! better to know from a professional either way,, be well!!

Constantly feeling thirsty, being tired and lethargic. But if you do have concerns, you can so easily have a blood test which should put your mind at rest.

Do not trust your senses..go to the doctor and have a check..go now before it's too late!!

The best way is the doctor and have them run a bloodtest. Thats the only way you will be sure and can have a cure for it if you have it. There are many different types of diabetes so have it cheked out to be on the safe site. Good luck.

constant thirst,urination,feeling like you will pass out a few hours after eating. you need to know for sure,my MIL was diabetic and i always thought you counted sugar intake(no sweets,..)you count carb intake,simple carbs turn into sugar,robin

I have to agree with everyone who says 'just go to the doctor". I was diagnosed with diabetes in November. I did not have any of the classic symptoms except severe fatigue. Other than having thrown my back out, and it not healing, I would never have gone to the doctor at all.

Now I am so happy that I did. Less than 5 month later, I feel better than I have in years. All I did was make some simple changes to my diet, quit smoking, take a pill and get a bit more exercise. Geez, all of that is really not much when you consider all the benefits.

If you believe you have diabetes, you really should see a doctor. Diabetes is a serious condition that requires a lot of maintenance and diet change. Plus, you might be wrong and have something even more serious.

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