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I have a 114 blood sugar level, am i diabetic?

well i would say no not really you might of ate too much suger when you tested it wait a few hours before you check it after you ate i hope everythings fine i'll keep you in my prayers

bonnie k
no that is about normal. But if you feel that you are having symptoms have the dr run a blood test

i have heard that to be high bloodsugar would have to be over 140.so i would say no.

I wouldn't say so. Anything over 120 is when they start questioning Diabetes. If you are concerned, you may be for some reason, speak with your Doctor and if he/she feels need be they can do a Glucose Tolerance Test to see if you are......

No, you may have just eaten a large meal etc. A blood sugar of 114 would not worry me at all. Its when your sugar gets above 175-200 range that I would begin to suspect diabetes. I would however check my blood sugar periodically during the day, before and after meals etc. Just to make sure, but its unlikely. Good Luck and God Bless

60-120 fasting is normal. I think your fine.

If thats all , it is quite normal. If it is accompied by xtreme thirst and tiredness, plus poor eyesight , go see the Doctor.

i would say not but im not a doctor The doctors would question it if you were lower than70 or higher than120

You could be, only a doctor can tell you for sure. A single glucose level is not enough to diagnose diabetes.

I'm diabetic and my bg is almost always 114 or below.

Joie Ange
No. 114 is a normal fasting blood sugar level.
Check them agai after 6 month.
I prefer HbA1C to fasting blood sugar. HbA1C more accurate.

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