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I am very thirsty cant seem to get enough water these last few days, am i dehyderated?

where do you live

not yet just wait a lil bit longer

If your tough is pink then no but keep drinking fluids.

Joe S
From what I understand by the time your brain is signaling your thirsty you are already in need of water.

try adding some salt to your diet in order to allow your body to absorb the water you drink

leeloo ♥
Certainly you are. If you add salt to your water, you will become more dehydrated so don't listen to everyone else. Actually best thing to do is for immediate relief and electrolyte replacement, go buy Pedialyte at your nearest Kmart, or any general store, even a Walgreens or Walmart.

I have a dehydration issue as well and I do this every time. It may seem like Pedialyte is for kids, but it actually works for all ages.

karen a
that was my first sign...8.. 32oz cups a day!!!!!! couldn't get enough of it!...then I was told at the age of 30 YOU ARE A DIABETIC! insulin right away...now 15 years later I'm getting ready for a adult stem cell transplant..too many complications and other diseases from the diabetes....catch it early and check your blood sugars daily!....don't end up like me...god bless

jan the proud lesbo
do you feel sick? do you have white salt deposit around your mouth? if so you could be diabetic.. go see a doctor

you could be but check your blood sugar too.

You can't seem to get enough water? I'm trying to think... Any other symptoms that goes with your inability to quench your thirst, like weight loss, peeing a lot, and weakness? It may be that your blood sugar is low. Try checking it. You may also be dehydrated, especially when you have rapid weight loss, cracked lips, dry throat, weakness, flat neck veins or hand veins, and dizziness when you stand up, or when you start getting confused all of a sudden. If this had happened before, you may want to consult your doctor .

There is a good chance that you are, when ever you are extreamly thirsty that is the bodies way of letting you know that it is short on fluid. So drink up on the water.

why you can't get enough water,are you in desert???/
take more water else you might be dehydrated, are you suffering from fever and any cause that causes water loss thru' sweat or any fecal-oral loss.

You posted in Diabetes so apparently either you have or think you may have Diabetes. One thing that happens when blood sugar levels are too high is that the body tries to get rid of the extra glucose (sugar) by urinating it out. Another thing is that because the sugar is "fuel"for the body or would be if the systems were in balence the extra fuel makes the body run hot almost feverish. In either case your body instinctively wants more water so it can dilute the sugar and cool the fire.

Do drink all you want but that alone probably will not solve this. If you have a blood glucose meter check your blood glucose (blood sugar levels). If you do not either go buy one or go to a quick care or the ER and tell them about the extreem thirst and also tell them if you are urinating (peeing) a lot and if you generally feel lousy. They will check it for you. I would normally say go by your doctor's office or the health dept but this is the weekend and if you have been that thirsty for days you do not need to wait till monday. Please even if you don't have $ or insurance go to get checked. Hospital ER's will bill you and all have indigent care plans to help people who need care and can't afford it. If you test your own blood glucose and it is over 300 please also go to the ER. Different practices vary. The ideal is to keep blood sugar level under 140, some say under 160-180. A hopspital near us claims 220 is OK tho where they get that number I have no idea since I am not seeing it in any diabetic care info. But all health authorities and diabetes experts agree anything over 300 is a crisis. Over 400 call 911 or get a ride to hospital. Do not drive yourself.

Your body can often sustain and survive at these high sugar levels however each time you run the risk of passing out (diabetic coma), and hurting yourself or someone else perhaps fatally, and each time it does damage to eyes,kidneys,heart, circulation,etc.and increases the lkelihood of kidney failure, loss of vision or loss of a foot or leg.

It is of course possible that you just plain have a bug and are running a fever but that too can affect your blood sugar levels so even in that case please keep a check on them. So can simply getting too hot from the weather, exercize etc. and if a person has a tendency to diabetes or messed up blood sugar levels it takes a lot longer to get it back in good balence.

BTW water really is the best thing to drink so you are doing well there. Regular soda and juices and a lot of sport drinks will raise blood sugar levels and oddly enough diet soda often will too.

Please be good to yourself and get this checked out.

ana z
if you're diabetic then the "thirst" is a symptom of your diabetes, otherwise known an polyphagia or excessive thrist. if you're not a diagnosed diabetic, then have yourself checked - very common disease and management is readily available.
if you're not a diagnosed diabetic, then monitor how much you drink and how much you urinate, if it is almost equal then we do not have a problem, if not go see an endocrinologist.

Kathy you don't give enough information like, how much water are you drinking the last few days?

Excessive thirst is often associated with diabetes so you might want to get tested for this.

However, as I said, you don't offer enough information.

concerned citizen
Are you newly diagnosed diabetic? If you are, perhaps you're experiencing hyperglycemia. Try checking your blood sugar/glucose. You can do this if you have a glucometer. If you don't...it is better to see a doctor right away before some complication may arise.

If you are diabetic, classic symptoms of diabetes (hyperglycemia or excess blood sugar) includes increased thirst, increased urination, and increased hunger.

How old are you by the way? It is best to consult a doctor. Do not just accept other people's suggestions.

Excess hunger, thirst & urination are 3 basic symptoms of diabetes. Does this run in your family history? Are you high risk such as older, over weight? I would monitor your intake for a few days. If diabetes runs in your family, grab someone's glucose monitor & have them use it on you a couple times just to see. If symtoms continue, or you have other symptoms I would definitly get it checked out.

You might be. I'd go to the doc just to be sure though.

Joey B
You not healthy ... I mean something is wrong with you and if you don't see the signs now you will soon.

You could still be getting over something.

Since you have this question in the diabetes catagory, perhaps you should be checked for it.

Sometimes a thyroid problem can cause an excessive thirst aslo

sticky J
It sounds like it if you can't get enough water. or..is it more humid where you are now?

Extreme thirst is also a sign of diabetes...you might want to get that checked too

a symptom of being diabetic is being thirsty all the time,see a doctor asap!

Could be. Do you have Diabetes? If not you need to get checked for it. Constant thirst, frequent urination, and constant hunger are also symptoms. If this problem continues see your Doctor.

Me too! It's just the warm weather. I've been drinking like 7 liters a day.

very possibly...but, you could also be experiencing the effects of diabetes...see your doctor

or could be that your blood sugar is high. possibly get that checked out by a doctor

Most likely you are. Try drinking some Gatorade, a flat cola, or children's pedialyte. Also try eating some salted crackers. Dehydration will last until fluid and electrolyte intake surpasses what is being lost (sugars and salts), and fluid and electrolyte levels are returned to normal. Plain water can lead to your electrolytes imbalances and worsen the problem. So don't drink excessive amounts of water.

If your urine is yellow or darker, yes!....Drink more water....You can last weeks without food but only days without water.....

I was told that if you're pee is clear than you aren't dehydrated. But when it's yellow you are.

Carlos Mal
Thirst is a fancy name for dehydration. Drink more water, it won't hurt you. If you can't get enough buy something with electrolytes.

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