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Girija N
I am a diabetic, every half a hour i get hungry. i want to know why ? what is a reason?

Tina of Lymphland.com
GREETINGS, I've been diagnosed with high sugar for the first time, parents are both diabetic, I guess the easiest way to explain it is:

First your body over time puts out insulin to attack sugars. When you eat bad foods or are genetically prone to diabetes your body's metabolism clock is worn out. There are 2 kinds of sugars refined and carbohydrates. Refined are your sweet candies, pure sugar and man made sugars, the carbohydrates are found in breads, and mostly fruits.

Let's say you eat a refined sugar, a dish of ice cream and it has 300 calories. In that 60 seconds (refined sugars go in the body the minute they touch the tongue) that's 300 calories roaring into the body, the metabolism says that's 50 calories a minute and it doesn't know how big that dish is so it sends out a ton of insulin to counteract the sugar rush so your levels spike high. Whereas if you ate 4 apples for that 300 calories, which are carbohydrate calories, that's going in by the time you chew it all up much slower say 10 calories in the first minute, your body doesn't put out as much insulin to counteract it.

they say diabetics shouldn't eat fruit but that's not true, fruit is very good for you and it's a carbohydrate so it's a slower form going into the body rather than ice cream or cake.

When your levels fall after a sugar rush, you get hungry and weak so you eat more and it's a vicious cycle. That's why many small good healthy meals a day keep the levels even.

Pauline F
I am type 1 and I certainly know what you mean by the hunger thing. If you are taking insulin as I am you should know that there is meant to be something in the insulin to suppress your appetite although since going on to insulin I have gained nearly 2 stone in weight.
I am due to attend thye dietician to see where I am going wrong but I know by sticking to a healthy low fat low carb diet with slow release energy foods I shouldnt be as hungry every half hour. Foods like All-Bran, porridge and soya products. Also SWeetners like candarel and splenda ...... they dont have the sugar content but are really loaded with calories!
So watch out .... what we think is good for us is sometimes worse for us.
Also , diabetic jams, chocolates and sweets are loaded with calories and they dont fill us up.
Try to arrange to see a diatician through either your GP or your Hospital. They will sort out your hunger thing and you will find that your sugar levels will be better controlled also. Good luck, If you need any more help you can e-mail me at..... flemingpauline@yahoo.co.uk

Im not a doctor just a normal person with type 1 but if I can help you in any way I will.

From Pauline, Larkhall, Scotland

I was like that too. Eat eat eat it is a never ending cycle. I found the end. It is called Byetta and it took away my never ending appetite. It is the best thing that ever happened to me!!!! It is an injection but the needle is tiny tiny....I am absolutely grateful for byetta...........

The Leveler
It's the power of THE BEETUS

Ice ^_^
The problem in diabetes is insulin.. There may be a problem with pancreas..it is not producing insulin (DM1) or producing but insufficient (DM2). Now, one of the functions of insulin is to deliver nutrients to your cells, no insulin-->no distribution of nutrients to your cells or low insulin-->low distribution of nutrients to your cells...what would happened? Your cells will get hungry (cell is the smallest functional unit) and when these cells get hungry they will transmit a message to your brain that they are hungry and to compensate this, your brain will tell you that you are hungry...that's why you are always hungry. But even if u eat a lot but still there's no insulin that will deliver to your cells, what you have eaten is just circulating in the blood (hyperglycemia) you will still be hungry. Consult your M.D. Regards. Hope u feel well soon.

Member: http://PhilippineNursing.blogspot.com

White Polar Bear
Ask for a regular physical, including blood test. Pay attention to other things besides your diabetic condition. For example, if you have thyroid problem you could feel hungry frequently as well.

Your sugar fluctuates, hasn't your doctor put you on an eating schedule? You need to eat several small meals a day, as well as measuring your blood sugar. Be sure to ask your doctor, you need a good maintenance program. Good luck!

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