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Irene G
I am a border line diabetic so what foods are best for me and which should I avoid?
I would like a diet that helps me lose weight as well

take ragi as your regular diet,also suggest this to others since ragi is rich in calcium .it controls both sugar & weight.
my e mail id. adnan@transsolution.co.in

Donald L
go to www.webmd.com
You can get all you medical answers there.

avoid potatoes in any form. They are high in starch that will raise your sugar level. otherwise vegetables are always good. Eat lots of fresh fruit. But stay away from bananas. Make sure you check ingredients in processed foods. Did you know that foods like white bread and ketchup contain processed sugar? Cabbage is a good substitute for potatoes.

Vegetables are probably the best for Diabetics but Diabetics usually don't eat enough. Certain fresh fruits are good too. Be careful as some fresh fruits have too much sugar. Protein and fiber is strongly suggested for Diabetics as well. Stay away from simple sugars and eat more foods with complex sugars. You can purchase a hand book from most bookstores outlining in detail the best foods to help keep your sugars down.

Mr. Peachy®
The McDougall plan is simply the best for diabetics. You get all the nutrition you need, can eat all you want, you lose weight, and finally, look and feel great in a relatively short time.

There's an inexpensive book you should consider also by an author who's done extensive research into diabetes treatment:

I seem to be in the same situation you are and have found that if I take cinamon capsules with each meal sugar is not an issue. However to be safe I no longer use sugar as a sweetener but Splenda. I also try to avoid drinks with corn syrup. Ive been doing fine since making those changes. I hope my methods may be of some help to you.

A lot of folks on this blog forum diss the low carb diets. I keep getting the message that they are not healthy because there have been no formal testings of whether they are good or not past a 6 week level.

Being border or Pre diabetic presents a lot of problems. the doctors and insurance companies don't consider it necessary to hand out prescriptions for glucometers and test strips. But they are necessary if one is to keep lower glucose levels for a long time before becoming full fledged diabetic.

I prefer the phase 2 levels of either Atkins or South Beach or the Zone diets. They are low carb, sufficient protein and fat based plans.

You can always adjust the fat content of any plan to the level you are comfortable with. Fats do cause carbohydrates to absorb at a slower rate so they don't spike glucose levels. They are also necessary for good skin, hair, and brain function. Be very selective on the types of fats you consume.

I eat on the color plan: Green is excellent, Red is excellent, blue/purple is excellent. Yellow and Orange are suspicious, White isn't in my life!!

This is a lifestyle change!! Don't think you can ever go back to eating as you always have.

Be sure to plan in a small treat for every week!! A piece of chocolate cake, a dish of ice cream are even encouraged by the endocrinologists. Just be sure they are very small servings! That will keep you sane!

the food police are everywhere and will be trying to mind your food plan for you! Don't get mad at them, they mean well but are uninformed about your bod!!!

Go online and search for a list of Low Glycemic Index foods (Low g.i.). Those are the foods that are recommended for diabetics, borderline diabetics, and anyone who needs to lose weight.

Your right to keep an eye on your diet. Talk to a dietitian if you can afford on. If not the do some research. look at dark leafed veggies, such as spinach, broccoli, watch your carrot intake it is high in sugars and will increase your blood sugars. I would encourage you to read books and pamphlets on diabetes a good one is Diabetes for Dummies, you can buy it or go to the library. I have read it and find it is te best book I have read on diabetes. Find out who is a diabetic and ask them for advice. This is something you don't fool around with this can kill you if you don't take car of you self. and one thing more exercises daily. Good luck.

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