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I'm applied for Social Security they are sending me to a Mental doctor any idea's on what to say? Thanks
I applied because I had Diabetes for 30 years and Nuropaty. sorry I can't spell.

Just answer the questions with your best answers. It is just part of the procedure..they don't think you are crazy, so don't try to fool anybody because you won't.

Words of Wisdom
be aware of what you limations are and will be..

theres many jobs for people with disabilities a-lot
my father in law had a heart attack and could not walk or move for a couple of yrs, and they denied, so be prepared to fight, it has to be pretty severe for them to approve you and rightfully so

i dont see the relevance...maybe you should have asked them why they are sending you there...

Lanard H
You know I have had two stroke and waiting on my ssa and they sent me to this psych doc and all they did was asked a few question what I liked about life. They want to here your respond to see if you understand how to carry on a conversation and also spelling words, pronuciation and putting pieces together it was just elementry stuff

Just answer all of the questions honestly.

neuropathy is pain and sometimes pain is only in your mind. Since you have still have neuropathy they obviously haven't found a way to control the pain with medicine so they are going to ask the psychiatrist for his opinion on the origin of your neuropathy. They will pay you based on the amount of your disability. If the pain is intractable then you will be deemed more disabled than simple diabetes would warrant and I am NOT saying diabetes is simple! However, in the eyes of the S.S. diabetes is manageable. I would be open and forthcoming in disclosing the amount and severity of pain with tthe doctors. If it's always 9 out of 10 then say so. If it's mostly 5 out of 10 but, you can't sit for long periods even at that pain level then say that. Good luck.
P.S. Have you tried Gabapentin? It can work miracles.

say the LEAST possible..

Be honest and answer their questions to the best of your ability. If you don't know, then just say you don't know. Don't give out too much information. Tell them of your complication with diabetes, and how it affects your ability to live a normal life. Also all the pain you have from neuropathy.

If they are sending you to a mental health doctor, they are checking to see if you have the mental capacity to work. They
will take into consideration what the doctor reports, but will determine your disability by their own laws and rules.

The main thing is not to give up. If they turn you down just appeal time and time again. Finally you will go before a Judge and he will take a look at all your medical records, any witnesses such as a doctor or family member that is aware of your health conditions. If you are having trouble being able to do your job or missing days at work because of your illness.
He may also ask you some questions.

It took me 18 months to finally get mine. I had a cyst to exploded in my brain. It affected my memory, interfered with my daily activity. I suffered from depression. Both of the doctors Socal Security sent me to agreed that I was totally diabled.Yet, they turned me down. I kept on appealing. When I went before the judge, he told me that day that I would get my Social Security.

I sure hope this will help you.

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