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people i am not risking my daughters ...

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Additional Details
He's got it for years, is overweight, drinks and smokes!!!...

 How high my blood sugar needs to be to be diabetic?

How many carbs are you suppose to have for one meal, if you are diabetic?

Additional Details
it's for my bf and he takes metformin twice a day

My husband's dietitian said he needed 5 carbs at a meal. A carb is = to 22grams or less, so for 1 meal the carbs for a man should be around 85 to 100 including snacks.

Try to keep your carb intake between 45-60 grams for each meal. Adjust your intake depending on how you feel after your meals. If 60g makes you feel lousy, get it closer to 45 or lower.

But I will warn you that if you try to control your diabetes strictly by counting carbs, you are going to get frustrated and disappointed. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. You need to eat healthier and exercise at least 5 days a week. Limit your intake of white flour and white sugar; eat more fruits and vegetables; and keep your caloric intake to under 2000 calories. Develop an exercise program where you are getting at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 5 days a week. Start with walking (at a brisk pace) or bike riding.

my doctor said to follow 45-60 carbs per meal and 15 carbs for snacks. i have more carbs in the mornings cause im more active and less at night. my doctor has me following carb exchanges. assume the foods in all the food groups are 15 carbs and follow the suggested servings of each food group per day. stick with longer acting carbs and little of things like fruit and breads and such cause they tend to spike your sugar and you drop really fast. it really depends your activity level too. i can eat more freely when im more active. if im less active and eat alot it tends to get high.

Brellarr ;]
It depends on your food choices, and it also depends if you have the pump or not.

depends on your choice of foods, exercise, and what meds you are taking.

I like to try to keep my grams of carbohydrates to around 100 per day!! that includes all meals and snacks.

It varies from person to person and from doctor to doctor.
If you are not going to see your doctor in the near future, here is a rule of thumb that is not unreasonable: 45 Gm each for breakfast and lunch and 75 Gm for dinner. Add 15 gm for a snack mid morning, mid afternoon and evening and you get a total of 210 per day. If you don't snack, those carbs can be added to your meal.
I know not everyone will agree with this and it is not a weight reducing plan. But it comes close to a dietary plan used in our local hospital. By all means check with your doctor the next time you see him/her.

when i first started out about 2 yrs ago, i was on a strict meal plan of 65 carbs for breakfast, its actually not that hard to do.
its a good number and easy to do.

No two people require the same amount of anything.
A two year old with diabetes needs a different amount of medication and food as a teenager who is active in sports.
A 40 yr old woman who is underweight has different needs from a 40 yr old man who is overweight.
You need a great endocrinologist and dietitian.

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