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Kathy L
How long would it take for a blood glucose level of 438 to return to normal?

depends, how long has it been at that level? is that fasting numbers or did you just eat something sweet? have you been taking care of your diabetes good or do you forget to give yourself shots? do you see your doctor regularly or do you even have a doctor? do you take enough insulin for the day and w/ meals? you should be taking long-lasting insulin and fast-acting, seeing as your readings are so high. did this just happen suddenly, or have you been slacking off lately? do you limit carbs/sugars or do you even watch what you eat? i was diagnosed w/ type 1 diabetes 6 years ago, slacked off, didn't watch what i ate, and rarely shot up, and when i did, it was never enough. my feet started to go about 2-4 years ago, now the pain is so bad i don't sleep nights. i suffered 2 boughts of dka this year as a result, but my sugars were in the 400s on a daily basis. i never checked my sugars and i never went to see a doctor, as i was uninsured and couldn't afford it. my fasting sugars were in the 400s, and my urine was cloudy all the time for the past couple years. it catches up w/ you! anyhow, watch for ketones if you're type 1, especially. ketones are a bad sign, even worse than high readings. however, high readings can bring on ketones. if your breath smells fruity or sweet, if you suffer frequent yeast infections, if you're excessively tired, thirsty, sleept, and you yawn a lot, if you become nautious, sweaty, your heart beats fast, you have trouble breathing, it's too late. dka comes on quickly and it can be life threatening if you don't have it taken care of. if your numbers have been that high for a prolonged period of time (say over the course of 24 hours, no matter your efforts to lower it), then it's time to go to the emergency room. best have someone drive you. you'll have to stay while they run tests and pump you full of liquids. drinking 2 gallons of water a day when your sugars are that high won't help. i tried. the more i drank, the more dehydrated i became. it's a losing battle. i was in icu for 4 days, and even there my sugars were in the 400s, and i was on a constant insulin drip! they discharged me 4 days later, my sugars were still in the 300s, but i felt a lot better, so i agreed to follow up w/ a doctor they assigned me the next day. if your readings have been that high for as long as mine have, then getting them down to normal will take some time. it took me 2-3 months for them to come down to normal, but i was taking LOTS of insulin, which i don't exactly suggest, as i developed an allergy to the insulin. doc put me on 80 units of humulin n and 10 units of humalog w/ every meal until i saw a difference. i didn't see a difference for 2 months. gradually, w/ all that insulin and a strict no-carb diet my sugars decended. what also helps is a half-hour walk after each meal. if the numbers spike after something you eat, but are normal most of the time, and if you have tight control otherwise, then one 10-unit shot of humalog w/ a no-carb small meal will bring it down in about 2-4 hours. otherwise, if your numbers have been at that level for years, as mine have, give it several months to regulate w/ proper diet, shots, and exercise. if you feel you're bordering on dka, even if you have but one symptom, get yourself to the nearest er right away! that said, take good care of yourself. don't let your diabetes get the better of you. good luck.

Depending on the dosage of insulin given a few hours. The important part would be to start burning sugar again instread of fat and correct acid-base balance.

a week, a month or never depending on you. a doctor has to give you insulin to bring it down quickly to near normal. if you are type 1 you do not make insulin and it will not come down without intervention. a type 2 after it is brought down with insulin can then control it mostly with a good diet exercise and some sugar controlling herbs like cinnamon, bitter melon,fenugreek, fiber and dozens of others along with possibly a medication like metformin or another

Way too high and you could have a stroke or go into a coma.

Go to the emergency room - they can help you.

Do not sit around and wait for your blood glucose to go down: this is serious

it depends how much insulin you give yourself, and what you ate. some foods take longer to "kick in" to your blood sugar.

That is way to high. See a doctor.

Anyone who has a blood sugar this high should not be "waiting" for it to return to normal!

They should be at an emergency room getting treatment!

In the long-term, once stabilized, there are some other things to do, for example:

___ Ampalaya (bitter melon) found in Asian markets, bilberries, onions, garlic and spices: cinnamon and fenugreek, as well as herb gymnema sylvestre --- along with many other foods have been found to be specifically beneficial for diabetics. If you use these, make sure you are taking more frequent blood sugar readings so you know how responsive your body is to their blood-sugar lowering capabilities.

___ It is better to eat 6 smaller meals, fairly evenly spaced through the day onward to a bedtime snack, than to eat just 3 meals a day. I hope this helped. Make sure you are well-hydrated, only use water!

___ To learn more about possibly ameliorating or even reversing diabetes, read www.watercure.com www.phmiracleliving.com

I hope this helps.


kirsten j
Depends on what you've done to treat it

Begin the day with a glass of cold,fresh water.
Make it convenient to drink ice water wherever you are.
Notice - and respond - to symptoms of fluid loss.
Limit your intake of caffeinated beverages ans alcohol.
Eat snacks and meals high in complex carbohydrates.
If you are hungry between a snack and a meal drink a glass of cold water.
Limit alcohol consumption - " beer bellies " are real.

a while...till your body as enough time to make the insulin it needs to defeat it persay lol...

well i hope you are taking something for it. your bloodsuger should NEVER be that high. if you took regular insulin should start coming down within 30 mins, long acting insulin 1-2 hrs., oral med 1-2 hrs. if you are not taking anything i suggest you get to a doc. asap, that is a very dangerous number something is very wrong.

unfortunately - whether you eat or not - your sugar could actually get higher, your liver will keep releasing glucose in reponse to your diabetes (your body tells your liver you have no sugar because there is no insulin to tell cells to use it, so the liver keeps releasing glucose in response).

Contrary to what other people have said, having a 438 blood sugar reading will not make you go into a coma. What you do is:
1. Call your diabetes team and ask them what to do.
2. Check for ketones.
3. If ketones are present, drink 8 oz. of sugar free fluids every hour.
Keep repeating step #3 and monitor your BG levels.

I know that this won't make you go into a coma...I have been in a diabetic coma. This was before I even knew I had diabetes, and my blood sugar got to 1026. When it starts reading high on the blood glucose monitor, that's when you need to go to a hospital.

Kathie Emmanuelite
spend an hour on a stair stepper or an hour taking a very brisk walk and it should come down. Very few people in this site ever recommend exercise to bring down high blood sugars and it's my number one treatment if I get too high.

Are you taking anything for your bloodsugar level ? Do you regularly test it. You need to obviously be on your diet if you have one. It should be dropping in one day and down in three max, you should really be talking to your doctor.

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