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 What can be substituted for potatos for a diabetic person? I need to cut out carbs......?
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I have been sick all year and my doctor recently suggested that it might be diabetes. Here are some of my symptoms:
*I go to the toilet a LOT
* Always tired even after a good nights sleep<...

 When you pee directlly to the water of the toilet and the water is foaming , this means diabetes ?
when you pee directlly to the water of the toilet and the water is foaming , this means diabetes ?...

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 Does this sound like I have diabetes ?
I am 24 years old.
Mother of 2 boys. I didn't have pregnancy induced diabetes.
My blood sugar levels were always really good when I checked them on my dad's meter. <...

 What are the Symptoms of diabetes?
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 I've got type 2 diabetes and have to have my labwork done in 2 weeks and im scared my bloodwork won't be good?
what can i do as far as diet,excersize or vitamins(herbs)can i try in
the next 2 weeks will help my bloodwork come back showing my bloodwork is good and not have my Dr. upset with me?...

 Can eating dark Chocolate lower a diabetics blood sugar levels?

 Are there any foods or natural remedies that lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetics?
I've heard that some vegetables like celery and green pepper can naturally lower blood sugar. Whether or not this is true, I don't know. I can't seem to find anything online about it, ...

 I am a Type 1 Diabetic and you probably think I should know this already but...?
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 Blood Sugar 473!!!?
My dad was hospitalized yesterday for a blood sugar level over 600. He was given some oral medications and was brought down the the 400's. Today he was at around 300, but after a lean sugar-free,...

 Is drinking diet sode okay for a diabetes person since they don't have any sugar in them?
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 My mother was just diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. We were wondering what types of foods she can eat. Help!?
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 I'm diabetic and losing weight rapidly....why is this?
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 What will happen if you have diabetes but don't get treated?
Ok, well I'm a little scared that I might have it but my parents won't take me to the doctor. I've read the symptoms and I have pretty much all of them besides going to the bathroom a ...

 I need to get my blood sugars under control presently 233 aqnd i could use help?
i am 55 heralth but 305lbs i ride an expercise bike diamond back 4 hours a week. i watch what i east i need to loose 40 pounds and get my bllod sugars down i don't want to die yet i have too ...

How long does a person live if they have type 1 or type 2 diabetes??

i dont know but if you have a good doctor . and watch your diet . you mighy be around for a while

As long as anyone else IF you take care of yourself!

When I was diagnosed in 1968 my doctor told me the average life expectancy was 20 years. That was before blood glucose meters that give you an immediate blood sugar result. I had to rely on urinee tests, urin can stay in your bladder a long time. I've had it for 39 years and still as mean as ever!

Julie B
If they take care of themselves, they can live as long as anyone else. Type 2 generally happens when people are obese or old and not taking care of their health to begin with.

♥ Lisa♥
take your meds. eat right and workout.. follow your docs advice and you will live to a ripe old age

You can live a long,normal life with diabetes if you keep your glucose under control.You should eat regularly,the same time every day,never miss medication,check your sugars at least 4 times daily and have routing Hg aics.You control your diabetes don't let it control you.

My best friend has had it for over 25 years now and she is 43. She monitors her blood sugar all of the time and sees her doctor regularly. She is insulin dependant.

It depends on how well a person takes care of themselves. If they stick with a good healthy diet and exercise they can live a fairly normal and long life. If you don't take care of yourself, it isn't pretty. My best friend did not take care of himself. Just the opposite, he had a really active social life in the bars and thought he could regulate his shots to compensate. He couldn't. He got Juvenile diabetes at 17, he died at 39. He had a lot of fun until he went blind, loss the use of his kidneys, had his toes amputated and many other medical problems.
Take your pick.

you can live with it forever if you take care of yourself .....

Just like the rest of the world but you have to watch every bite you eat and don't cheat!

If you are over weight try to lose some weight and it will help your diabetes too.
I have known people since childhood that have had diabetes. Some now in their 40's and are in good health.
The only friend I lost from diabetes was one that didn't take care of himself and drank and it killed him.
Just eat right and check your levels. You'll live a average life.

Type 1 diabetes used to mean the body was not producing insulin. If no insulin is produced or provided by injection, a person will live for approximately two weeks. I have heard some use Type 1 to mean juvenile onset diabetes - which may not be the same thing.

Type 2 diabetes - used to mean "insulin resistance". Diabetes means high blood sugar. Type 2 means the body has enough insulin, however the cells are resistant and don't react to it, leaving the sugar in the bloodstream. I have heard Type 2 being defined as adult onset. If a Type 2 diabetic takes care of him/herself, the lifespan is normal.

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