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How long can a insulin dependant diabetic usually survive without taking there insulin before dying?

What type of diabetes we are talking about? Both type I and type II diabetics use insuline, so the term insuline dependant diabetic is quite obsolete. It is like talking about infections cured by penicilline or something as daft like that.
Seriously, type I diabetic have lost the ability to make their own insulin, and are wholly dependent on external insuline injected into their body, and since carbs won't get broken down properly without insulin, ketone bodies will form, blood sugar levels will rise, you pee a lot and loose a lot of fluid and be dehydrated, en within something like 36 to 72 hours develop a ketoacidotic diabetic coma and if untreated will die.
On the other hand, type II diabetics still make insulin, but not enough for their needs which are higher than normal due to insulin resistance, a lot of type II diabetics are not aware of them beinig diabetic so use no treatment at all and live, but develop long term complications like blindness, kidney failure, stroke, heart attacks etc. How high your blood sugar goes is also dependant on what you eat. If blood sugar levels go high enough, type II diabetics will also pee a lot and get dehydrated, and eventually develope a non ketotic hyperosmolar diabetic coma, but this take many days/weeks to develop. Btw this is serious too!
During the latter years of WW II in The Netherlands no insulin was to be had, but a lot of diabetics survived since they had no food either.

i would think 1 week not much longer, you should read about keto acidosis, which is life threatening.

Terrible way to die, slow and painful. Why? I wouldn't want to try it.

Arabian Dune
Your talking about type 1. If you stop taking insulin you develop what is called acidosis and that is very unpleasant. If you still don't take insulin then, .... you die.
as for how long, theres no real good answer for that. might take a few days or a few Weeks

It depends on how severe it is.... It could be only a few moths though so don't try not taking your insulin. Diabetes basically starves you to death. You are eating enough, but your body can't break down sugar so it eats your fat and you lose insane amounts of weight. You could also slip into a coma coused by high blood sugar. don't try it!

This is a rather odd/strange question. Check out the sites



they explain about how critical it is to get your insulin, and what happens if you don't take care of it.

sounds like a bit of a crazy question!! you planning on trying it out on someone?

A few days at most.

Why are you repeatedly asking the same question? Are you suicidal or something?


It depends on how their control is. you can go from a few days to a few weeks/months. but This death will be a very slow and painful one as you will just slowly starve your body to death. I dont reccommed this to any one.

I think for a while.

They would drink loads and pee alot of excess sugar, they would quickly loose their sight and most of their limbs and would feel as if they had died ages before they actually did, and would be very glad when that time finally came.

Seriously, if you are diabetic, or if you know someone whom is (ensure they): eat regular meals, test regularly and TAKE INSULIN!!!!

Regret is a terrible thing!!!

Mr. Peachy®
Anywhere from several hours to a couple of days, at most... depending on a few variables. Insulin is vital in getting the energy providing glucose into the cells for life.... including the heart and brain. Without glucose, you wouldn't last very long

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