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iron w
How long after eating does the food we eat start to effect blood sugar levels that will show when testing?
I basically want to know that if i was to eat something and i had forgot to check my sugar level before doing so, how long do i have to test my sugar level and still receive an accurate result?

2 hours

Amy V
It depends on what you've eaten. But generally 1-2 hours after you eat your blood sugars spike... but I believe depending on what you eat (high processed foods like cereals, candy, high glycemic food with no fiber break down the fastest) it may be as quickly as 15-20 minutes when your blood sugars start raising.
Obviously if you just swallowed your first bite you will get a fairly accurate reading.
If you ate some raw vegetables it would take longer to process than say a lifesaver candy.

about 2 hours

they generally say 2 hours after eating, One thing that isn't taken in to consideration. is that not everybody metabolizes food at the same rate.. And a person with a slow metabolism , I expect is going to have a higher level then one who doesn't.

I'm so sweet I need insulin
usually about 2-3 hours... but, that could depend on what you ate....

i was told that your sugar levels will peak 1 hour after eating and should level out 2 hrs after, thats why you should check 2 hrs from the time you started eating....

It depends on the type of food.

The food you eat will affect your bloodsugar almost immediately. If you forget to test beforehand, that is ok, we all forget every once and a while. Docs usually tell you to test two hours after you eat to see how your body has responded. I.E. for those of us who are Type 1 the insulin we take up to an hour before we eat, will kick in approximately 1 to 2 hours after we have eaten, so the best way to figure out how well our insulin is working for us is to test two hours after we have eaten.
For those who are type 2, either, your body will kick in with its own insulin production shortly after you eat, or it won't and testing 1 to 2 hours after you eat will tell you what your body is doing and what you need to do in return to help your bloodsugar most likely come back down.

If you test right after you eat, you won't get an accurate result, although food effects bloodsugar immediately, our body doesn't respond immediately. Some of it may go directly to energy you are using, or it may just sit in your bloodstream. Testing 1 to 2 hours after you eat is your best bet, and when you test after a meal your sugars should be between 115 andn 130.

Good Luck!

5 minutes, 10 at the most. Think about how fast your blood sugar goes up after a low when you eat candy. If you were eating something really fatty, that would slow down the absorption and you could probably get a decent reading 15-20 min. later, but I wouldn't count on it.

DingDing is the only one who got this one right so far. I also want to add, that it depends on what you ate. There's a difference between drinking juice and eating some pasta. The juice will show up fast and spike sooner. Complex carbs and high fat foods will take longer.

This happens to us too ... occasionally I'll forget to take my daughter's sugar reading before she eats. I don't trust anything past a few minutes after she's started. It seems to start going up almost immediately.

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