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How high should my glucose count go before I start taking insulin?

Kenny is King
go to webmd.com...dont trust anyone on answers.

Bill B
If your blood glucose goes above 180 sugar is being dumped out of your body through your urine. That's bad. I believe anything over 150 after eating should be investigated.

If you have a constant out of control glucose level, and diet, exercise; and other diabetic medications doesn't seem to work ;then it is time to talk to your doctor. He is the one who knows your health needs the best.

My husband tried exercise and diet and oral medications for a long time. It finally got where nothing seemed to work for him. This is when the doctor decided that he need to take insulin. His blood glucose levels ranged from 200 to 450.

I'm not trying to scare you, but if your blood glucose levels are constantly staying high. It is spilling over into your kidneys, which sooner or later can cause kidney failure. My husband has stage 3 renal failure, which stage 5 is complete renal failure. You may think this will not happen to me, but it can.

Diabetes is one disease you don't need to be careless with. My husband's doctor told him everytime his glucose level was high it was doing damage to his body from heart disease, high blood pressure, blindness, renal failure and neuropathy feet and hand pain. My husband has neuropathy in his feet. It is very painful and keeps him from getting a good night sleep.

You should also ask your doctor, if you haven't already to send you to a registered dietitian. A dietitian can design a diet just for you. This will also help you with keeping your blood glucose levels down. It has worked wonders for my husband. His blood glucose level has been stable for a year now. He also has lost 60lbs!

I wish you the very best. I sure hope you find the answer to your question. Hope my answer helped some. I have been dealing with my husband's diabetes for about 18 years. I am also a diabetic.

Here are some very good websites that will give you more information on diabetes: www.ada.org, www.webmd.com, mayoclinic.com, prevention.com, and about.com.

You should only take insulin under medical advice. Therefore your diabetes doctor or nurse would be the best ones to ask.

From my experience the switch to diet+tablets+insulin came when I could no longer control my blood sugar on diet and tablets alone. Not when my blood sugar got to a particular level.

If you are worried about your glucose count then look at your diet and exercise programme and see how you can improve them.

Believe me, you don't want to take insulin.

You really need to be talking to your doctor. Are you doing all in your power to keep the glucose levels down? doubling your exercise (movement) plan? cutting out all carbohydrates? taking your oral meds as Rx'd?

If you answered no to any of my questions, do it then go to the doctor and see if you should be on insulins.

There are Endocrinologists who are of the opinion that the "sooner injections start the better control the patient has!" But there is a drawback to that!! Insulin overdose, even just a little packs on the weight!

The previous doctor I had was into Overkill on meds!! She ordered max dosages of everything with the attitude of "if a little is good, a lot is better"! Then she yelled at me for gaining 50 pounds in 6 months!!!

Best bet is to journal everything you are doing, exercise, foods, sleep, glucose numbers, meds and always note the hour you did each and the effort put in to exercise!

This way your doctor has an eye into your lifestyle and can then recommend what to do next.

Good luck and best wishes on your quest for a healthier life!!

*chexy lady*
I start to calculate my correction dose if my blood sugar is over 135. Im on the pump and it is much easier to calculate correctly though. You cant get a correct answer here though. This is something that must be discussed between you and your doctor or diabetes specialist. Everybody is different.

Ricky D
Go to a doctor to ask this! Information on Yahoo Answers is not always reliable, and you could end up poisoning yourself.

I'm going to assume that you're a type 2. Correct me if I'm wrong.

When or if to go on insulin is a decision that your doctor should make with you. Your doctor can tell you the pros and cons of it and whether or not it would make a difference and help you better maintain your blood sugar. You should listen to your doctor's recommendations and with his help, make an educated decision.

Many type 2s think that going on insulin means they have failed in keeping their diabetes under control. That is not the case as many times, it simply gets to the point where oral medications are no longer effective.

Good luck.


Mr. Peachy®
That's a pretty strange question. I guess we should assume you're a type 2 diabetic? If so, you may not need to take insulin. Getting your blood glucose numbers down is more about your diet and exercise level than it is about taking insulin. Type two diabetes is more about insulin resistance than lack of it... at least in the beginning.

If you are diabetic and asking this question, someone has woefully missed the information boat. You need to get on it and learn all you can. There are some helpful links under my profile that might help.

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