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How high can blood sugar levels get with diabetes?

They ask me to keep mine below 140. I find that I feel better when its between 110 and 120. My friend was recently hospitalized when his was over 500.

They can get well above the 400 range which is as high as most home detectors will go. Generally if the level is over 200 and you are feeling crappy it's time to go to the hospital.

Reda T
Well they dont like them above 120 or so....mine have gone to 500 and I was still almost normal.....try to keep it as low as possible, its not good to let it get so high.

do what your doctor tells you to do and watch what you eat

Very high. Most glucometers cannot give you a reading if it above 500. In fact, even at this level, the glucometer will say "high" only. In my experience, I have seen blood glucose readings higher than that. Once it reaches a certain level, it can be life-threatening.

I have personally been as high as 3500. I don't suggest this since I will be starting dialysis soon and at 40 have had a stroke and a heart attack. anything over250 is not a good number

When I first became ill from diabetes (before being diagnosed as Type 2) I presented to an urgent care clinic with a blood sugar of 690. The examining doctor was surprised that I walked in under my own power. Although I control my condition with oral medications and diet, my doctor has advised me to use insulin if my blood glucose reading goes above 300. I've only had to use the injector twice since being diagnosed eighteen months ago.

*Larry P. he's for me*
120-140 is normal for controlled diabetics. At around 500 you would go into shock and possibly coma. Prolonged high levels can also wreak havoc on your body. Blindness and ampuation of extremities also happens frequently.l

Highest I ever saw was 1400 (thats a 78 for y'all across the pond) and that was my first day on internal medicine.

People usually start thinking about going to the hospital around 500-600, but this differs from person to person

Most glucose meters will go up to 600, like mine does. If your numbers are higher than that, it just says HIGH.

When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 in 2001, my levels were above 800. I could have easily gone into a coma and died. Normally, if your numbers are even half that amount, they put you in the hospital.

My doctor knew I hated hospitals intensely, so he bent the rules, with my full awareness of the risks, & let me stay at home. Of course, I was started immediately on a course of insulin.

My doctor called me at home every morning & every evening, and I would tell him what my numbers were and how I felt. He even called me on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve; that's how dedicated he is. We had also agreed that if my numbers didn't start going down within a week, I would go into the hospital.

It took a few weeks, but finally I was down to a safe level. I have never allowed myself to even go over 200, except for 3 times.

I knew of one person whose numbers went up to 1,200 — but not for long — he died about 2 days later.

Hope this is helpful.

I'm a lab tech and I've seen glucose levels over a thousand. I think most patients would be unconscious at this level but some people who develop diabetic ketoacidosis frequently can remain coherent with such an elevated blood glucose.

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