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asha v
How does eating rice affect diabetic patient?
Doctors always restrict diabetic patient from having rice or rice products along with many other things.. Does it mean that rice is the primary cause for the disease? pls enlghten me with this. As i am a rice eater and wud like to know....( in Indian context)

White rice is starchy
Starches turn into sugar (bad for diabetics)
Surgar turns into fat
Fat turns into heart disease

You should be able to eat brown rice without a problem...just no white rice

But avoid sugar, fruits , and sweets.

Hello Asha, rice is staple food for south Indians.It will not cause diabetic but restrict the amount in diabetes.If you can use brown rice or basumathi they are ok being low glycaemic index.There is a myth in south india that if you are a diabetic then you should eat wheat.But it proved that there is no difference between rice and wheat. Eat rice in small quantities and increase the frequency of daily meal You can make it 4 or 5 meal a day but reduce the quantity in such a way that you may not have peal levels of sugar.

bubbly s
in diabetes carbohydrate,protein and fat metabolism gets deranged wheras rice contain a lot of carbohydrates which leads to its accumulation

No, it is not a primary cause. It is a carbohydrate, and needs to be limited, just like all carbs. It needs to be restricted and portioned out into 6 meals per day, and each meal needs a protein in it, too. You should get at least 5 fruit or vegetable servings a day, too.
Doctors usually recommend a balanced diet, that limits processed sugar, too. We can have rice, just in moderation, observe portion size and how many servings/day limits.
Consult a nutritionist. a registered dietician, an endocrinologist for what kind of a diet you should be on, how many calories/day.

♥ terry g ♥
Rice is a starch, which means it's a carbohydrate. All diabetics need to eat carbs in moderation because they impact blood glucose the most. No one should be encouraged to avoid food, but they SHOULD be encouraged to learn what portion sizes are and how to count carbs in their diet.

People with diabetes will need to restrict all the "starchy" foods, and these include:
Rice of any kind
Flour -- bread, pastries, etc.
Potatoes and other root vegetables
Sugar of course.

This is because all starches (carbohydrates) are converted to sugar during digestion. If the sugar cannot be removed from the blood quickly, then there is a diabetic state.

Rice is not a primary cause of diabetes, and the restriction does not apply to non-diabetics, so far as the researchers are concerned. It appers to me that no one is sure why diabetes happens, but it is becoming alarmingly prevalent even among young people.

Researchers state that being overweight, and especially if one is "older", -- this is a risk factor.

So then, if I were you I would eat rice without too much worry, but take a good look at your weight, and your general state of health.

As well, if you are worried about diabetes, make sure a doctor gives you the necessary blood tests at least once a year as many people have diabetes for years and have few symptoms.

Lottie Is R A D
I Am Astonished?

Doctors should NOT, definaly NOt be telling diabetic paitents NOt to eat rice.

I HAve nO idea why theyw ould say that. they sure can have it but it is ull of carbs. just lice cerael, breads && Patsa!

ANYONE who is ANYONE can eat rice!

Oh, ANd bTW, No. eating Rcie can NOT increase your chnace of getting diabetes.

I Dont kno WOT the doctor was tellin u but no, u cant get diabets from eating rice.

Happy rice eatinG! =]

Samina B
My mom is Diabectic , rice contains starch wich is not good, but if you wash the rice thougroughly before cookingit should get rid off most of the starch. My mom loves rice too she cooks it at least once a week.

Saanchi A
there r different types of rice.
basmati is still better
but it b good if u eat wholemeal bread
and similar stuff too
the reason is rice doesn fill u up also and it has more carb and sug. content it make u feel eat again and again .rice is not the cause of diabetic but if u have diabetise u can still live healthy
keeping ur sugar level in control
by eating the things which doctor recommend u
everyday check ur sugar its easy with technology now
like checking ur temp

If rice was the primary cause for diabetes then many asains country would have a epidemic. But they don't because rice is a complex carbohydrate which mean its harder for your body to break it down, like for example table sugar. Doctors tell you to forgo rice because its a carbohydrate which the body will eventually convert into sugar, or store is as fat.

Cut down on rice but don't eliminate it as it still has benefits.

Rice doesn't cause diabetes nor does sugar. Diabetes is caused by the inability of the glands in the spleen to produce enough insulin or the inability of the body cells to use the insulin to burn the glucose for energy. Diabetes is caused by genes, excess body weight, sedentary lifestyle, stress, age etc.

Rice contains complex carbohydrates. If you have diabetes you start eating your food with more focus on the calorific intake. Rice will give you about 4 calories per gram. Your daily calorific requirement would be about 2000, if you are a woman. Since your body now has problems converting the glucose to energy and rice provides a lot of glucose you will have limit your carbohydrate intake to place minimal stress on your body.

You dont have to abstain fro rice eating, just know exactly how much you should take and stick to it. Exercise helps in burning calories and will help your body to get fit and go ahead with minimum medication and slow down the progress of diabetes.

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