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 What are some theories on why and how type 1 diabetes starts?

Additional Details
I understand its the failure of the pancreas. What is causing the failure of the pancreas. Interesting theory that maybe a virus can cause it.
A significant ...

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ok ,when i have not eat in about 2,3 hours my legs start to get shakey an wobbly. I have to eat and then i stops. what could this be my friend told me that it could be my sugar level ?


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My grand mother suffered from diabetes for many years. Well, she was overweight. She made and sold candies and sweet all her life. I am sure she loved to eat them too :)

I am 22 years old. ...

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my husband was just diagnoised with diabetis,I know that he can drink diet sodas but what else can he drink? please be as specific as possible with names and brands thanks....

How do you help someone if they don't want to help themselves???
I'm a nurse in a very busy ER and I see people everyday that if they would take better care of themselves then they would not need to be see in an ER 25 times a year??? ex. IF your diabetic and you know your blood sugar should be between 70-110 why do your graze like cattle fattened for the slaughter then wonder why you feel bad??? watch your diet, exercise, and check your sugars as ordered. I don't understand??? Nurse K

you must be new to our profession. get used to it honey, you will see such behaviors through out your career. Many don't have the education they need to care for themselves, many don't have the capacity to learn....many don't care, and then there are those that want the attention they get in the ER. There are even those in denial of their disease altogether, why they do what they do isn't your primary concern, you need to focus on what is, or it will make you crazy and you will burn out.

Unfournately you can't. At least there are people in this world that care enough to be in profession that attempt to help them try. You can't hold them hands and make them do anything, just be encouraging. I know its frustrating. Patients are blessed to have such a special nurse in their life.

jane d
i have no idea other than... possible.. they want to self destruct...don't really care what happens to them.... dont like life.... are weak.... can't control the urge to smoke...eat obessively... etc.. possibly depression... :-?? hell if i know good question... lol

becky g
you cant help they have to want to help themselves

No you can not help some of the people at any time. They just will not take the steps they need to take. Also some people can not stand sticking themselves to do a glucose check. Mother and I both fall into this group. As for exercise helping; my last to bad spells came after working out: the exercise made my levels jump up off the scale. I was under a doctors eye when both spells took place. My levels went from 98 to 260, as my fat broke down my sugar went up! So much for exercise helping!

I'm diabetic, and to be honest sometimes you just get sick of it. You almost go into denial and want to be like you were before. I worry too much and have not ended up in the ER, but honestly you get sick of it.

The only thing you can do for them is "pray"!

Pray for them

Jen G
I can imagine its very frustrating, I have come to the conclusion (in every walk of life) that people will inevitably do what they want to do. Once I accepted that, it made my life a whole lot less stressful, relationships easier & less upset. I dont try to force my boyfriend to change, I dont get as stressed in work & I dont get upset when a friend or family makes a choice that I dont want them to.

This is life, Eric. I see it everyday. "The_only" has mentioned some credible explanations for this. Remember, we're not here to criticize or to judge. We're here to help these people and sometimes we save them from themselves so they can end up right back in North wing, 312-C or ICU Rm 2. Get used to it, get over it, then get on with it. Right?

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