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Amy V
How do you calculate how much insulin to take?
My diabetes educator called and increased my insulin to 1 unit of insulin for every 12 carbs consumed. My question is, how do you calculate that exactly?

For instance, for lunch I ate 41.5 carbs. If I divide 41.5 carbs by 12, it gives me 3.46 rounded. So, in this instance, would I take 3 units or 4 units of insulin? If I only take 3 then the .46 of carbs I ate aren't covered, but if I take 4 then I would have too much insulin in my system, wouldn't I?. Obviously, I'm a little confused.... please help if you can.

You should be working with a physician regarding your insulin intake. I've never heard of basing this on the number of carbs you are ingesting. What if you are at a restaurant and don't know the number of carbs?

As for your other question, take 3 units and test your blood sugar. If it's too high, take another.

I've never heard this question, you just give the dose the doctor prescripted you , and if that is not enough you call the docotr or go in. usually the question is how to know when to take test your blood sugar and if its too high take the dose the doc gave you.. if a doctor didn't give it to you don't take it, insulin is serious it can kill you or leave you a vegetable on a feeding tube.....

I have a blood glucose tester which you need to draw the blood and test it. According to the number, you refer to the scale that the doctor has given you and it will tell you how much insullin to be given. You need to go to a new doctor, how do you know what your readings are.

Lauren J
This is carb counting folks. I am so surprised the number of answerers who don't do that. Yes, you figured it right. If you took 4 units you may have too much insulin onboard. But then you need to add in your correction factor if you are high. Did they tell you about this? Email me if they didn't or actually - call them! I can explain to you how it works, but not how much to give yourself. Also find out if you can get the syringes made by BD that have 1/2 unit measurements. Because in your example, if you gave yourself 3 units, you will be high the next time you test. If you have those 1/2 unit syringes, or even if you try your best to eyeball it on a regular syringe - you could give yourself 3.5 units.
My son has a similar carb ratio and it was a terrible pain while we were doing injections (he is on the pump now) because with that little insulin, if you are just a bit off, it can make a big difference. Most people take a lot more and can get away with .25 either way.

So you are carb counting wonderfully and figuring out your dose, just don't forget to correct a high. Also, I have found it helpful to either carry around a tiny calculator or ask someone to recheck my math. Good luck

Don’t listen to the answers above. You really should be working with your provider or Dietitian on this. Advice on here is subject to people who think they know more then they may actually know. What your provider has done is prescribed you what is called an insulin to carbohydrate ratio. You are right in that you should be getting 1 unit of insulin for every 12grams of carbs that you take in. Now, you should try to plan your meals to be inline as much as possible with these 12g increments. Reason being is that you can’t or shouldn’t give partial units. Now regarding your question, it is better to round down rather then up on your insulin. 3 units in that case would be better as you don’t want to drop your blood sugars too low. Ideally you could see about adding 6-7 carbs or just over a cup of raw non-starchy veggies or half a starch exchange or half a piece of bread or half a roll ect. Those 6-7 carbs are not going to add but maybe 20-30 calories so is really insignificant however may help keep your blood sugars under better control. Carb counting is a bit of a pain but can be very useful in blood glucose regulation. Again, follow-up with your provider for further clarification. Good luck.

Lots of people are on a sliding scale for taking their insulin. The kids on here are just not reading the forums where the people on sliding scales are living.

My syringes have the capability of half units! I get the .3 syringes at 31g and short.

I count whole grams of carb only, not half gram. I am assuming this is what you are refering to with the 41.5 carbs? I would count that as 42 grams. I do not decrease the grams by the grams of fiber carb.

Test your glucose, if near normal, divide the number of grams of carb by 12, inject the lower amount of insulin. check again in 2 hours to see where it is. If you need a correction dose, then do it.

This was the basic directions I was given when handed the Rx for humalog.

Once you get comfortable counting carbs you can qualify for a pump and life will be much simpler. You simply punch in the grams of carb and the pump takes care of the minute amounts of insulin down to tenths of a unit.

Go with the lower calculation, 3 units. Check your blood sugar afer eating (at whatever interval your educator told you) You should be keeping a chart so you can look back. If you find the Blood sugar a little high, then next time round up to 4.
People that never heard of carb counting shouldn't go to the trouble of giving you an answer. Stick with it and do as your educator says.

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