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 Could i possibly be developing diabetes?
Everyone keps telling me im going to get diabetes. I think i might have it. Im 5'10 150lbs (athletic build) just turned 18. I work out daily. but contantly drink monster energy (1-2 a day) all ...

 Diet plan for my 39 years old diebetic husbnd.?
my husbnd is diabetic + his cholestrol level n blood pressures r also high im really worried abt him , wht shall u ppl suggest me as his diet, he is 39 years old his weight is also little bit over,...

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 Do i have diabetes?
im 14 120 pounds
i have been
-Frequent urination
-Extreme hunger
-blurry vision (i have contacts so i cant tell)
-im sometimes really depressed
Additional Details<...

 Diabetes question?
I am 30 years old and I have a strong family history of diabetes in maternal and paternal sides. My grandma had amputations from gangrene due to diabetes and the list goes on and on from effects from ...

 Where can I find diabetes recipe?

 I am only 25, and I have diabetes. I want to know if its normal for your body to hurt, as if I was in a fight.
I am on insliun, can that have anything to do with it?...

 How can you lower blood sugar(type 1)Without ant insulin nor medications?
insulin can make me drowsy and passout for no ...

 What does a 7.1 A1c mean?
My Dr. says my my A1c is now 7.5. My weight is going down and I'm trying to eat more healthy

I have type 2 ...

 Is this responsible behavior for a doctor?
My daughter is 23 and is a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump. Last night she did'nt feel well and took her glucose reading. It was 450. She called her doctors service and he called her back. S...

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how do i get on level 2 on yahoo answers?...

 My co-worker developed severe diabetes... How did this happen? (details below)?
She is not overweight and she is not older (mid 30s). She has two kids (18 and 12, I think). She has absolutely no family history of diabetes on either side of her family. A couple of weeks ago, ...

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 No potassium in my system - Why?
went to the hospital for 1 reason and had an urine test (which for the most part is a normal part of the course) and the result came back stating that I had NO POTASSIUM in my system - what could ...

 Would type 2 diabetes make it hard to do physical activities like 36 holes of golf?
well im sort of a hypochondriac and been hearing a lot about diabetes which makes me wonder if i have it? I really dont have any of the symptoms, but i am overweight by about 20 lbs....would having ...

 What kind of sugar you could recommend me to buy I'm a diabetic i can't eat the real sugar?
I tried Splenda but it have a bitter after taste could you suggest anything that does not have the bitter after taste i will appreciate ...

 How do you treat Hyperglycemia?
Bloods today started of at 15.5mmol at 10:30am. Have felt fairly rough all day and bloods now around 31mmol. Best course of action please - do I need to call a doc out?...

 What do we do if the pancreas got Diabetes?

 Do you think i'm fat?
I dont have a pic but..
( )
| |
... thats ...

 Diabetic wondering what to do next?
My blood sugars were in the upper 200's and lower 300's on 30 mg of actos, 20 mg glipizides and 10 mg byetta.
So, my doctor in november put me up to 45 mg actos, 20 mg glipizide, ...

How can you tell if your kidney has failed? or between a kidney infection and a failure? syptems and...?
I'm not sure what I have. I thought it started out with a kidney infection but it has gotten worse. can you leave the symptoms of each also and how they treat them.
Additional Details
the symptoms I have are sickness, and pain. I guess now since I'm reading some of the answers, I looked and I do have swelling ankles, but I never paid attention to that before.

Hi friend
Don't panic. Be cool and just visit ur family/local doctor for ur help. He'll certainly help you.

Please visit


for more info on diabetes

I think the best person to give you the answers you want is your GP. He/ she will be able to run the appropriate tests and you can know for sure, and be treated appropriately. You should never just leave a kidney infection untreated as it could lead to something more serious.

My Mom who had diabetes didn't even know her kidneys had failed and was still taking her insulin and she almost went into a diabetic coma because of it and eventually died from complications so this is something that the doctor has to test for and you need to make sure you keep on top of this please. The doctor said this happens quite often that patients will not even reliaze their kidneys have failed and still be taking their insulin and then slip away into a coma.

Well if you had a kidney infection you would probably collapse if it was that bad considering sadly thats what happened to my mom in the shower I freaked out and called the cops and we went to the hospital and found out she was very dehydrated and had a kidney infection. Honestly I cant give you a opinion on what it is since im not a doctor and have not heard of anything with these symptoms. Also I doubt its kidney failure becanse one thing i would think you would be in a lot of pain not wnating to get up and screaming. i hope this helps I am sry I cant give you the answer but one answer i can give you is to go see a doctor.

My mother's kidney failed and there were no symptoms. Now she has one so must be careful. She was warned to look out for fevers, dark urine, kidney infections, sharp pains, swelling in ankles and around the eyes, jaundice. I hope you're not fooling around with this. See your doctor.

you would definitely know if your kidney failed, you wouldn't be able to walk or probably even type.. you would be in the hosipital in excrutiating pain, if you have an infection you might feel pain in your back as if your back is bruised and blood in your urine and pain while urinating

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