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Additional Details
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╔Kimmeh╗ ♪♫
How can you tell if your getting diabetes by your feet?
I either read or seen a commercial that said something about how you can tell if your getting diabetes by your feet, and how diabetics have problems with theirs. How can you tell?

william p
when the doctors want to have them remoived

yea it has a special name i believe its like gaut or something its associated with diabetes. my grandfather has diabetes and when he has had gaut his feet would swell, and hurt really bad.

vincy j
well i now that u can tell if u got diabetes in your fet at the early stage. not so shore how but i do think that it has some thing o do with blood vessels sores blisters,and a few other stuff like that

If you have any sores of any kind on your feet that don't want to heal well. Then there is diabetic neuropathy. It's a painful, burning, tingling you can get. It can affect the feet, legs, arms, or hands. Best way is to see your doctor.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage to the feet. The symptoms are loss of feeling in the toes, and sharp pain at times in the toe area. If you think you or some one has this get a blood test and that will tell you!!

Loss of circulation due to diabetes can lead to foot pain, cold feet, or sores that won't heal.

Diabetics lose circulation, and this can cause the feet tissue to start dying. This generally occurs in advanced diabetes or uncontrolled diabetes.

Jodi R
Yes, many diabetics do have problems with their feet due to poor ciruculation, which will cause pain, but not all diabetics get that. Also, just because you have problems with your feet, that doesn't mean you are a diabetic. There are many other symptons. If you are concerned, go to this website for more information. If you think there may be a possibility, go see your doctor. You have a better chance of fixing the problem if you catch it early. Good luck.

Elmer F
Enough info has already been given by others here. I'll add that podiatrists often discover disease (like Diabetes), & refer patients to other specialties. It has to do w/circulation & neuropathy.

neuron finder
one of the main complications of having uncontrolled diabetes long term is "microangiopathy", damage to the small capillaries (blood vessels) which deliver oxygen, nutrients, etc to cells in the body. This is the mechanism for the problems diabetics develop as a result of uncontrolled blood sugar, damage to the kidney (small vessels important in the filtration work of the kidney), eyes (small vessels that feed the retina in the back of the eye), and neuropathy.
In this case the capillaries feeding the nerves are damaged, the nerve is essentially starved, leading to nerve damage.
The nerves supplying the feet are the longest in the body, therefore they are more susceptible to this kind of damage. Therefore a sensation of "pins and needles", numbness, overall decreased sensation in the feet, or burning pain is often the first signs of "peripheral neuropathy".
Decreased sensation also means the person will be less aware of injury to the foot (small cuts, leaving your foot in uncomfortable positions, etc), which could lead to dangerous infections, as well as changes in the delicate structural balance leading to deformities.

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