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How can you bring your sugar level down quickly?
I an a recently diagnosed diabetic and need to know what is the best thing to do when my blood sugar is high? I do not have any medication yet from the Dr. so I am trying to get some natural methods.

Karen K
try going for a walk or light excercise that should do the trick but ive never heard of natural methods maybe you should see your doctor and get some meds of him are you type 1 or type 2 if your type 1 you will need insulin so you must be type 2

some good old fashion exercise.

The only natural thing you can do in the absence of taking insulin is to perform some sort of vigorous aerobic exercise. In diabetics, there is no way to get glucose out of the blood unless you take insulin or metabolize the glucose.

~Sumwun Sweet ~
although u need to keep ur sugar level down its not a good idea to bring it down to quickly as this may shock ur body.

most people will have tablets or insulin but diet is important. u shud try to stay away from sugar foods and drinks but dont eliminate sugar from your diet altogether have a balance

i have heard that cinnamon can reduce ur sugar level. Drink cinnamon tea (no sugar), or sprinkle a bit of the powder on things like toast. remember not too much now otherwise ur sugar level will drop 2 low gd luck

Besides using prescribed insulin, there is NO comparably effective method of removing sugar from the blood in diabetics. Insulin is the hormone that induces the absorption of sugars from the blood into parts of the body, the muscle cells or liver cells for storage as glycogen, that can later be metabolized in the body for energy.

Exercise is a possible way of lowering blood sugar by tapping into the vast amounts of free sugar flowing around in the body, but the effects are slight if any. Sugar is supposed to be absorbed into the muscles and liver until glycogen deposits are satisfied, then the remaining get turned into fat. Exercise can however, in the long run, help you to regulate the levels of blood sugar in the body given you have not lost the natural ability to produce insulin. Exercise in the key, but for the present moment, i am pretty sure your doctor will prescribe something before you can lose enough weight (still assuming) that the diabetes will be under control


Insulin is the only way to bring your blood sugar down. Doing exercise or similar things is not going to help. You need to see a physcian just to be safe.

You should consult your dr. for this type of question....I have been a diabetic for a very long time & when my blood sugars are high, I usually exercise or drink water. Dont eat food or drink juice. After awhile, re-check your blood sugar & go from there...but remember...your doctor is the one who can give you the BEST advice!

JOshua H
There are several methods. First of all, moderate exercises will lower you blood sugar because of the increased need of the muscles for glucose. As far as quick fix solutions, there really aren't any, with the exception of insulin. I have heard that there are many therapies that have been proven to reduce blood sugar levels over time. The one that I use is alpha lipoic acid. This substance has been proven to be a potent antioxidant and also increases the sensitivity of the cells to insulin. IN addition, you should attempt to follow a low glycemic diet (go easy on the refined carbohydrates). The only real treatment for diabetes once you are diagnosed is treatment and lifestyle modification. If you are overweight you need to work at reducing this (if you type two), Also, it is good to keep track of your Hemoglobin A1c levels. These reflect a measure of you glucose control over the past 120 days. Your number should be less than 7 percent. AS always check with you doctor for any questions.

I used chromium picolate when I was first diagnosed. A pharmacist told me asprin would do the same thing. There are no easy fixes. A dietician can help you with diet. You need to be carefull of the other side of high glucose and that is low glucose. Best to stay in the care of an endrocrinologist

the only thing I know is insulin and other prescribed drugs --

My diabetes councilor told me to drink a lot of water.

Know your hidden sugars, like anything that ends in "ose" like fructose, gluclose...ect. Also your carbs, potatoes, rice, white bread are hidden sugars. Eat smaller meals more frequently...good luck

of my own experience the bets way is to drink 2 litters of water and lose it 2 litters of water withen 30 miuntes no along the day. and anythig more than teh 2 litters woudl eb even better.
good luck

The best way is to take treated water. Friend of mine have sugar level about 16( I am not sure how it measure). after 3 days consume the treated water, it drops to 5.5

without meds the best way is to not eat or drink anything but water for an hour, and recheck. but what levels are you concerned about? is it in the 200? or higher. usually with levels of 200's i dont really worry its when it goes beyond that. talk to your dr and a nutritonist, they will help you be a successful diabetic

Gone fishin'
Blood sugar levels are dropped with insulin. You eed to get some medication if your levels are out of wack.

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